8 Awesome Examples Of The KnowAll WordPress Knowledge Base Theme In Action

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Here at HeroThemes, we make WordPress knowledge base themes and plugins. And while we do offer detailed product descriptions and live demo sites for all of our products, nothing beats seeing the real thing, right?

So to give you some insight into how our knowledge bases perform in the wild, we collected 9 awesome examples of our KnowAll knowledge base theme in action.

These examples will give you a great look at how real businesses are using KnowAll to offer better support to real customers. Together, these KnowAll users are using their knowledge bases to provide support to small businesses as well as enterprise customers from:

  • Disney
  • Booking.com
  • Walgreens
  • Uber

Keep reading to see the KnowAll theme in action!

1. Pagely

Pagely is one of the oldest managed WordPress hosts in existence. They’ve been helping people host WordPress sites since 2006 and they use the KnowAll theme to provide important support documentation to their clients (and potential clients).

The homepage provides a search box along with categories of articles:

Pagely knowledge base

And individual knowledge base articles include the built-in article rating functionality, as well as a list of related articles:

Pagely knowledge base article

View Pagely Knowledge Base

2. When I Work

When I Work is a popular employee scheduling tool that’s used by over 100,000 workplaces, including Walgreens, Uber, and more.

To help businesses get the most from the tool, When I Work includes a detailed knowledge base built on KnowAll.

The knowledge base homepage features a humanizing look at the real people behind When I Work’s support. And below that, it offers Featured Articles, as well as the different categories of articles:

When I Work knowledge base

Individual articles offer a user-friendly table of contents (this feature is built in to KnowAll), as well as related articles at the end:

When I Work knowledge base article

If you’re interested in learning more, David Braasch, the senior technical writer at When I Work, shared some thoughts in this case study.

View When I Work Knowledge Base

3. WP Simple Pay

Recently acquired by Sandhills Development (the team behind Easy Digital Downloads), WP Simple Pay is a popular plugin that helps users accept various types of Stripe payments on WordPress.

To help users make their way around the plugin’s various settings, WP Simple Pay uses the KnowAll theme for all of their documentation.

The main knowledge base page offers the search box and category links:

WP Simple Pay knowledge base

And on the main product page, they make use of KnowAll’s included shortcodes to create eye-catching callouts (the text with the yellow background):

WP Simple Pay knowledge base article

If you’d like to learn more about WP Simple Pay’s experiences with KnowAll, check out our interview with Phil Derksen, the founder.

View WP Simple Pay Knowledge Base

4. Zero BS CRM

Zero BS CRM is a WordPress-based customer relationship management tool with…well, zero BS!

They rely on the KnowAll theme to serve up BS-less support documentation to their customers.

On the homepage, they opt to use a sidebar alongside the search box and category list:

Zero BS CRM knowledge base

And the individual articles make use of KnowAll’s built-in table of contents feature, as well as the transfer button so that Zero BS CRM can view analytics to see which help articles result in the most live support requests:

Zero BS CRM knowledge base article

To hear more about Zero BS CRM’s experiences with KnowAll, check out our interview with Mike Stott of Zero BS CRM.

View Zero BS CRM Knowledge Base

5. Alice POS

Alice POS is a multilingual point of sale (POS) software for both multi-store and single store businesses.

To help users get the most from their POS, Alice POS offers a detailed help center built with KnowAll.

This help center is available in both French and English. To provide the multilingual knowledge base functionality, Alice POS uses WPML, which integrates perfectly with KnowAll.

On the homepage, they use KnowAll’s built-in transfer button to track which articles lead to live support. And what’s interesting is that they also use that functionality to track sales demo requests:

Alice POS knowledge base

For individual articles, they employ the table of contents, as well as links to the “most useful” articles:

Alice POS knowledge base article

View Alice POS Knowledge Base

6. Djubo

Djubo is hospitality software used by hotels and other hospitality businesses. There’s a lot going on – it helps with property management, bookings, revenue management, and plenty more.

To help its customers use all of that functionality, Djubo has a detailed knowledge base built with KnowAll.

The homepage opts to include a sidebar and breadcrumb navigation along with the search box and categories:

Djubo knowledge base

Then, the individual articles use the table of contents feature, as well as links to all the other help topic categories:

Djubo knowledge base article

View Djubo Knowledge Base

7. Apptentive

Apptentive is a customer feedback platform that helps businesses gather actionable customer feedback. They’re used by major players like RetailMeNot, eBay, Zillow, and more.

To help those major players use Apptentive, Apptentive turned to WordPress and KnowAll.

The homepage uses a minimal design with plenty of white space:

Apptentive knowledge base

And the individual articles make use of the breadcrumb navigation, as well as the built-in table of contents functionality:

Apptentive knowledge base article

View Apptentive Knowledge Base

9. Bonus: Barn2 Media

Ok, Barn2 Media doesn’t actually use our KnowAll theme. Instead, they use our Heroic Knowledge Base plugin. It’s a great example to end with because it shows how you can also integrate a powerful knowledge base into your existing WordPress theme.

Barn2 Media needs to provide detailed articles for a variety of plugins, so their knowledge base homepage contains plenty of links to make that content accessible, as well as a search box that lets visitors filter by all of the plugins that they sell:

And even though Barn2 Media opted for the Heroic Knowledge Base plugin, they’re still able to include the same type of functionality in their individual articles. They get:

  • The live support transfer button that tracks clicks so that they can see which help articles lead to the most live support requests.
  • Article helpfulness ratings.
  • Related article lists.

To learn more about Barn2 Media’s experience with Heroic Knowledge Base, check out our interview with the co-founder, Katie Keith.

View Barn2 Media Knowledge Base

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