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Heroic Table of Contents is the easiest way to add table of contents to your WordPress website.

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The Most Powerful Free Table of Contents Plugin For WordPress

  • Add an automatically generated ToC to your content

    Automatically generate a list of all the headings (h1, h2, h3...) in your article, allowing your reader to navigate it quickly and find the information they want straight away.

  • Auto generate the table of contents

    No need to create the table yourself, our plugin automatically picks up all the headings in your existing article and creates a full table of content in a click.

  • Hide any heading you don't need

    You don't have to use all the heading, you can decide to hide a specific type of heading such as h6 or just manually chose which titles to display.

  • Insert your table of contents anywhere in your article

    Our table of content plugin is a Gutenberg block which allows you to add it anywhere on your site. For example: at the top of your article, after an introduction, in the middle of your content etc...

  • Create as many tables as you like

    There is no limit to the number of tables you can create. You can even insert multiple tables of content in each article as you want. Extremely practical for longer articles, you can add a table of contents in every section.

Create beautiful professional looking tables of contents

Effortless Professional Look

Choose among 4 pre-designed styles and change the color to match your branding.

Choose The Perfect Style

Bulleted, numbered or plain lists. Choose the style of list that will match your content the best.

Customize Each Table Of Contents

Each table of contents is independent from one another. You can customize them as you like in the article.

Responsive Design

Our table of contents is mobile friendly and look great on any size device.

Why add a table of contents to your articles?

Help your readers

Entice your visitors to read your article by giving them an overview of ​​what they will find in it. A table of contents will help your reader understand what value your article brings them.

Quick access to the relevant information

Scrolling is ok but anchor links are much better. Anchor links in your table of contents take your readers to the specific section they are looking for.

Boost your SEO

A table of contents will help you structure your articles better, dividing them into relevant sections with helpful headings. This will make your content more valuable to search engine and improve your ranking.

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Heroic Table of Contents WordPress Plugin
Everything you need to add a table of contents in WordPress

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a table of contents?

A table of contents is a list of headings with anchor links so your readers can jump to specific sections in long article quickly and easily.

Is this a Gutenberg block?

Heroic Table of Contents is a Gutenberg Block which means you can build your ToC right in the WordPress editor.

Will Heroic Table of Contents work with my theme?

Heroic Table of Contents is designed to work with any WordPress theme.

Help! I still have questions!

You can get free support for this plugin on the wordpress.org forums here.