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    How to Put Together a Perfect Knowledge Base Article

    Our Knowledge Base plugin gives you a great head start when it comes to organizing content for your users and displaying it effectively on your WordPress site, but there’s still plenty of heavy lifting to be done on a page-by-page level. In this piece, we’ll tackle the nitty-gritty of best practice for individual entries, with […]

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    What Next for the WordPress Plugin Directory?

    Though plugins are arguably responsible for a significant part of WordPress’ popularity as a content management system, you wouldn’t necessarily know it from the current version of the Plugin Directory. Good news is on the horizon, however. The official listing of plugins has been in need of some extra love for quite some time, and it looks […]

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    What’s wrong with your FAQ – 6 tips proven to make it better

    Do your customers raise tickets about questions that you’ve already answered? In your site’s FAQs? Well, if you answered in a “Yes,” then probably your users don’t find your FAQs helpful. Because if they did, most of them wouldn’t raise tickets. You already know: more tickets mean more hours spent on support. Which is not […]

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    How to Use Social Media to Head Off Customer Complaints (5 Step Guide)

    The days of relying exclusively on email and phone support to deal with customer service are over. Customers are now as likely to take to Twitter or Facebook as they are to contact you directly with queries, qualms or complaints. If you’re running any sort of public facing social media presence (and you should be!), you […]

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    Announcing KnowAll, the WordPress Knowledge Base Theme to Rule Them All

    Here at HeroThemes we’ve learned a few things from developing some of the best selling Knowledge Base themes and plugins for WordPress.  This wisdom has been distilled into our brand new Knowledge Base theme, a classic theme updated with modern design and functionality.   KnowAll is a WordPress theme package that provides an all-in-one knowledge […]

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    Creating a search widget using the WordPress REST API

    WordPress developers will be aware the REST API has been around for some time, but as of late last year it was integrated into core, meaning it can now be leveraged in widgets and plugins. In this article we are going to build a simple search widget with a difference. Using the WordPress REST API, […]

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    Find out what’s new in Heroic Knowledge Base 2.6

    Today HeroThemes launch the latest version of Heroic Knowledge Base, the knowledge base plugin for WordPress. Heroic Knowledge Base plugin adds a knowledge base to existing WordPress powered sites. It has been developed by the team at HeroThemes, who have sold over 15,000 themes and plugins, with expertise developing products that help run some of […]

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    5 Classic Email Customer Service Mistakes to Stamp Out Today

    Email response is the workhorse of day-to-day customer service online. It’s quick, universally usable, easily searched and archived, and its asynchronous nature enables customers to move at their own pace. In short, there’s a lot going for it! The potential downside is that it’s all too easy to unnecessarily antagonize people via email. Let’s face […]

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    How to Put Together the Perfect Product FAQ

    Whether you’re dealing with virtual or physical goods, a Frequently Asked Questions section is a multi-purpose workhorse that can complement your wider support efforts and can even act as a key piece of marketing collateral for potential customers. Putting together the perfect FAQ for your products requires a little upfront investment in terms of time […]

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