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Upgrading to KnowAll from KnowHow theme

It’s a straightforward process to upgrade your KnowHow theme to the KnowAll theme. Benefits include improved customization, advanced analytics and a more powerful knowledge base with updated design.


  • Verify you have the latest version of the KnowHow theme. You can check the version from Appearance > Themes > KnowHow matches that of the download from your themeforest downloads page.
  • Open your FAQ page and expand each FAQ. Copy the contents and save to a text file, you will need this to re-create your FAQ page in KnowAll.
  • Make an appropriate backup of your WordPress site.
  • You’ll lose any custom functionality made with a child theme, so these will need to be copied to the new child theme. Changes made with the theme customizer, such as site colors, will need to be repeated once the new theme is activated.

Performing the upgrade

To get started, simply follow the steps below.

  1. Log into your existing KnowHow site and install and activate the KnowAll theme, as described in the KnowAll theme installation guide. During installation, leave the ‘sample articles’ option unchecked if you wish to convert your posts into Knowledge Base articles.
  2. To convert your posts into articles, follow our guide on importing articles from posts. Note that the posts list will be hidden from the admin menu when you activate KnowAll, but is accessible from  Knowledge Base > All Articles, and removing ?post_type=ht_kb from the URL to give wp-admin/edit.php. You will then be able to convert your posts to articles.
  3. Remember to convert the categories, to ensure that your KnowAll theme displays results.
  4. Edit the FAQ page from Pages > FAQ. You’ll need to manually copy the FAQ posts from the page you saved in the preparation steps. Remember that you can use the new shortcodes button when editing a page to make accordions, colored messages and other visual cues with KnowAll.


We’re here to help with queries or assistance relating to upgrading from one HeroThemes product to another, simply raise a ticket at our HeroThemes support center.

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