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WPForms Integration Documentation

This integration is available for HeroicKB Pro Users.

The WPForms integration aims to reduce support tickets by requiring users to search the knowledge base before submitting a request.


  1. Prerequisites:
    • Ensure the latest version of the Heroic KB plugin is installed and activated.
    • Ensure the WPForms plugin is installed and activated.
    • Activate your Heroic KB Pro license.
  2. Installing the Integration:
    • Once your Heroic KB Pro license is active, you will be prompted to install the Heroic Knowledge Base Integrations plugin from the WordPress dashboard.


  1. Activate the Integration:
    • With the Heroic Knowledge Base Integrations plugin active, a new field called “KB Suggest” will appear in the WPForms form editor.
  2. Implementing the KB Suggest Field:
    • Add the KB Suggest field to your “Submit a Ticket” form to gather information for support requests.
    • Use conditional logic to hide the support request fields until the user has searched the knowledge base.
    • Users will either find an answer (avoiding a support ticket) or confirm they couldn’t find a solution.

How It Works

Integrating Heroic KB with your WPForms support forms is a straightforward process. Here’s how it works:

  1. Add our special “KB Suggest” form field to your form:

Use WPForms’ Smart Logic feature on a checkbox field so that it only appears when the KB Suggest field isn’t empty. Then, use the Smart Logic feature again to display the rest of the form only if the checkbox is checked.

2. Here’s what the form will look like:

3. When a user enters a keyword to search, they will be presented with suggested knowledge base articles:

4. If none of the suggested articles are helpful, the user can check the box and continue to open a support ticket:

By following these steps, you can seamlessly integrate Heroic KB with your WPForms support forms, providing users with helpful suggestions and the option to submit a support ticket if needed.


Do I need a paid version of WPForms to use this integration?

You can use the free version of WPForms no problem.

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