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Importing Articles from Posts

If you already have WordPress blog posts that you wish to convert into Knowledge Base articles, you may do so by switching the Post Type using the steps described in the steps below:

  1. Ensure the Heroic Knowledge Base is installed and activated (from Plugins > Installed Plugins).
  2. If you are using a theme such as KnowAll that hides posts by default, switch to a default theme such as Twenty Nineteen, and reactivate the packaged Heroic Knowledge Base plugin from Plugins > Installed Plugins.
  3. Download and Install the Post Type Switcher plugin, which can be done from Plugins > Add New and searching using the bar on the right, ‘Post Type Switcher’ and selecting Install. Activate the plugin when installation is complete.
  4. You can now convert regular posts into Knowledge Base articles, either individually or in bulk.
  5. You may need to convert or assign categories to your newly created articles.
  6. Switch back to KnowAll or your child theme if the posts screen was previously hidden.

Convert individual posts

Edit the post you wish to convert from Posts > All Posts. On the right Publish panel, you can now edit the post type. Select Edit then, in the drop down, select Article and select Update to save the new post. The post will now be a Knowledge Base article and appear in the All Articles section of the Knowledge Base.


Convert posts in bulk

Goto the all Posts screen from Posts > All Posts. If you have lots of posts you wish to convert you may need to change the number of posts displayed using the Screen Options button in the top right of the screen and changing Number of Items to Display.

With the posts selected you wish to convert, Select Edit from the Bulk Actions dropdown at the top of the posts list and click Apply. You will now be able to edit properties for all the selected Posts. Change the Post Type to Article and select Update. This will convert all the selected Posts into Knowledge Base articles


Assign or Convert Categories

To ensure the articles do not appear as Uncategorized in the Knowledge Base, you will need to assign the converted articles a Knowledge Base article category, as these are specific the Knowledge Base.

You can do this manually by editing each new article or in bulk, using the same steps as above except use the bulk editor from the Knowledge Base > All Articles screen to assign a new Article Category to each converted article.

Alternatively, use the Taxonomy Switcher plugin to convert your existing categories to article categories. If you have converted posts to articles using the method above, they will then be automatically assigned article categories based on their original post category.

With Taxonomy Switcher is installed and activated, goto Tools > Taxonomy Switcher. In the Taxonomy to switch from dropdown, select Category and in the Taxonomy to switch to dropdown, select Article Categories. Click Switch Taxonomies to complete the process.


404 Errors

If you encounter a 404 error when you view the converted article, you may need to assign the article an article category or edit and update the article. This occurs if the post has the same name as another article already in the Knowledge Base, so also ensure there is not a conflicting post or page with the same slug.

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