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Written By: author image Chris Hadley

We’re excited to introduce the Heroic KB CSV Importer—a game-changer for businesses needing a fast, efficient way to import data into Heroic KB. Whether you’re dealing with large files or operating on shared hosting, our new tool simplifies the process. Available now for all Heroic KB customers!

Introducing the Heroic KB CSV Importer

Exhausted from adding content manually, especially when handling large volumes of data?

Imagine a scenario where bulk import is carried out simultaneously, substantially reducing the time and effort required to add content manually. Perfect for businesses needing to incorporate vast volumes of information swiftly.

Heroic KB CSV Importer is here to turn this into reality.

Why Heroic KB + CSV Importer?

We’ve always prided ourselves on providing cutting-edge knowledge base solutions. However, as we grew and attracted more customers, we began to notice a recurring challenge: many of our new clients were struggling to transition from their outdated legacy systems to our platform.

These legacy systems, often years old, were deeply entrenched in our customers’ operations. They contained vast amounts of valuable knowledge, accumulated over years of business activities. The prospect of migrating this data to Heroic KB was daunting for many. We heard countless stories of frustration from clients who felt overwhelmed by the sheer technical hurdle to overcome.

The existing migration process was far from ideal. It typically involved using expensive third-party tools that required significant technical expertise to operate effectively. Even with these tools, the process was painfully slow and prone to errors. Customers would spend days, sometimes weeks, painstakingly moving their data piece by piece.

To assist with this complex process, we often had to deploy our senior support lead to guide customers through the migration.

As we listened to our customers’ feedback and observed the strain on our support resources, we had a realization: we needed to revolutionize our approach to data migration. Our goal was clear – we wanted to empower our customers to import their content quickly and easily, without the need for external tools or extensive support.

This led us to develop our new “CSV Import” feature. We designed it to be intuitive and powerful, allowing users to transfer large volumes of data from various legacy systems directly into Heroic KB. The process was streamlined to require minimal technical knowledge, enabling customers to complete their migrations in minutes rather than days.

How to import articles from CSV

  1. Upload your CSV file

2. Preview the data to be imported

3. Map your columns to the knowledge base article content

You can also choose to import your content as a draft to verify before publishing publicly.

4. Preview how your data will be mapped

5. Import

6. Done!

Awesome, your content is imported and you’re ready to go!

BONUS: Migrate easily from other KB plugins

We’ve also built a new migration tool that can transfer your knowledge base content in one click from other WordPress plugins, such as WeDocs, BetterDocs, and Echo Knowledge Base, into Heroic KB. This allows you to switch quickly and easily.

Need to import from another tool? Let us know, and we’ll include it in our next update.

Ready to hit the ground running with Heroic KB?

Say goodbye to tedious manual data entry and hello to streamlined, efficient data import.

Have questions? Need help? Our customer support team is always here to assist. We’re committed to ensuring the Heroic KB CSV Importer not just meets, but exceeds your expectations.

Thank you for your continued support and trust in Heroic KB.

-Chris Hadley (HeroThemes CEO)

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