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Gravity Forms Integration Documentation

This integration is available for HeroicKB Pro Users.


The Gravity Forms integration is intended to deflect support tickets by requiring users to search the knowledge base before a support request can be made.


The Heroic Knowledge Base integrations plugin requires the latest Heroic Knowledge Base plugin to be installed and activated. Either as a standalone plugin, or the version packaged with the KnowAll theme.

For the Gravity Forms integration, the Gravity Forms plugin must also be installed and activated (tested with 2.0+).

Ensure your KnowAll Pro license is active, you will then be prompted to install the Heroic Knowledge Base Integrations plugin from the WordPress dashboard.


With the integrations plugin active, a new standard field KB Suggest will be available in the Gravity Forms form editor.

The suggested usage is to implement the KB Suggest field on a Submit a Ticket form, used to capture information required to initiate a support request. Using conditional logic, these fields can be hidden until the user has searched the knowledge base, and either found an answer, saving a ticket, or confirmed they have been unable to find a solution.


  1. Create a new form within Gravity Forms, titled ‘Submit a Ticket’
  2. From the Standard Fields list on the right, drag the KB Suggest field onto the form
  3. Click on the new field and enter the Field Label of ‘Search for a solution’.
  4. On the appearance tab of the Search for a solution field, you can enter an indicative placeholder, such as ‘Type a few keywords to search our knowledge base’.
  5. Add a new Checkboxes field to the form, from the list of Standard Fields.
  6. Rename the field label ‘No solution, let me contact support’
  7. Delete all but one checkbox options.
  8. Rename the last checkbox option ‘I confirm I have searched the knowledge base and am unable to find an answer to my query’.
  9. Make this a required field, by selecting the option in the General tab.
  10. Enable conditional logic in the Advanced tab for the field. Set it to show the field if Search for solution is not blank (leave the value entry empty to set it to blank).
  11. Add an Email field to the form, from the Advanced Fields list. Label it ‘Your email address’ and add a placeholder of or similar to indicate to the user what to enter and to make it consistent with the rest of the form.
  12. Add a Paragraph Text field to the form from the Standard Fields List. Label it ‘Please describe the issue’ and add suitable placeholder text.
  13. For the Email and Paragraph Text fields enable conditional logic option in the Advanced tab of both fields.
  14. Set the conditional logic for these fields to show when ‘No solution, let me contact support’ is ‘I confirm I have searched the knowledge base and am unable to find an answer to my query’.
  15. Click Update Form to save the form.

In the Form’s Settings > Notifications you can configure the notification action(s),  such as email to your ticketing system and the fields to include.

The new form can then be added to a Submit a Ticket page and integrated in the rest of your support flow.


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