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Recommended WordPress Web Hosting

Our products run on WordPress, the most popular website creation tool. You need to have a website with WordPress installed and running before installing our themes or plugins.

Almost all website hosts can run WordPress, but choosing a good one ensures ease of setup, reliability, speed and quality support.

Below is our recommended WordPress hosting provider. As always, ensure the features and service meets your needs before purchase.

Who We Host With

Our customers often ask who we host with. We host with Kinsta.

As a business owner, choosing Kinsta’s WordPress hosting offers several compelling benefits:

  1. Performance Boost: Kinsta’s infrastructure is built on Google’s top-end CPUs and Premium Tier network, delivering up to 200% faster performance. Their High-Performance CDN with over 260 global locations and Edge Caching further reduce load times by up to 49%.
  2. Advanced Tools: Kinsta provides a suite of tools to troubleshoot and optimize your site, including a free Application Performance Monitoring (APM) tool to identify performance bottlenecks.
  3. Data Center Flexibility: You can choose from 37 data centers worldwide at no extra cost, with faster C3D machines also available in select locations.
  4. Security: Kinsta ensures enterprise-level security with features like SOC 2 compliance, DDoS protection, simplified SSL management, automated backups, and a malware security pledge.
  5. User-Friendly Dashboard: The MyKinsta dashboard centralizes site, database, and application management with tools for analytics, staging environments, and site optimization.
  6. Developer Features: From WordPress debugging to database access and a comprehensive API, Kinsta offers advanced tools to support development workflows.
  7. 24/7 Support: Kinsta’s expert support team is available round-the-clock with a 97% satisfaction rate.
  8. Free Migrations: Kinsta offers free site migrations handled by their dedicated migration experts.
  9. Cost Savings: By bundling essential features like DDoS protection, CDN, caching, backups, and SSL certificates, Kinsta helps save around $300+ per month compared to separate purchases.

These features make Kinsta a robust and reliable choice for businesses looking for high-performance, secure, and user-friendly WordPress hosting.

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