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Do your products support video?

All our products support adding videos into articles. You can add videos in one of two ways:

  1. Upload your video to your WordPress site and use WordPress’ Video Shortcode.
  2. Embed video from other services such as YouTube and Vimeo using WordPress Embeds

WordPress Video Block

The WordPress 5 editor supports video. Simply paste a url in a Paragraph URL, which will embed it as described below, there is also a Video Block, contained in Common Blocks.

WordPress Video Embeds

To embed a video into your article simply paste the link from a support service (YouTube/Vimeo) into your article like this:


WordPress Video Shortcode

First upload your video to your WordPress media library. Then simply use the “Add Media” button to add the video to your post.

You can also use the shortcode like this:

[video src="video-source.mp4"]

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