Heroic Knowledge Base Changelog

3.15.0 3 Jul 2024
New Migration and CSV import tools
3.14.3 24 Jun 2024
Fixed New integration settings not appearing when legacy kb integrations enabled hotfix
Improved Tweaked behaviour of AI Help Assistant to support removal of contact support item by passing in empty text response
3.14.2 24 Jun 2024
Updated Integrations module settings moved to new Settings page
Updated Heroic Formatting Blocks moved to internal module
Fixed Issue where Help Assistant was always displayed regardless of settings
Fixed Issues with some legacy settings not updating correctly
3.14.1 14 Jun 2024
Improved Block based theme support
Improved Support for special characters in AI Help Assistant
Improved Wording on analytics for improved clarity of results
Improved WPML compatibility with the Help Assistant
Improved Support for video embeds in Help Assistant
Improved Styling on the settings panel
Updated Merged integrations package
Updated Analytics Pro requirement moved from packaged plugin to internal function
Fixed Issue with contact support link opening in frame when open in new window option enabled
Fixed Issue where some admin notices could not be dismissed via ajax
3.14.0 30 May 2024
New Settings page, improved UI and performance
New Ability to use namespaces in AI Help Assistant for Pinecone, reducing pod requirements
Improved Heroic AI Help Assistant training flow
Improved Post type checking for comment functionality
Improved Packaging for bundled libraries
Updated Heroic KB integrations package updated to 1.3.0 - WPForms integration added
Fixed Missing filter signatures
3.13.2 12 Feb 2024
Improved Ability to translate and modify AI Help Assistant frontend texts
Improved Compatibility with 3rd party plugin vendor packages and namespacing
Improved Further refined package and removed redundant libraries
Fixed Issue with enter key in some text inputs causing media library to display in backend
3.13.1 5 Feb 2024
Improved Debug information for AI Help Assistant training
Updated Search analytics now records AI Help Assistant queries
Fixed AI Help Assistant front end bugs
3.13.0 31 Jan 2024
Improved Package improvements - removing unrequired libraries and reducing filesize load
Improved Settings UI and messaging
Improved Added ht_kb_voting_feedback_string filter for improved translation of feedback response
Updated Now pulls in articles from local site with get_posts instead of remote get
Updated Heroic Knowledge Base Integrations packaged plugin updated to 1.2.0 improves PHP compatibility
Fixed Invalid callback with WP-CLI and REST route schema
Fixed Help Assistant not enabled correctly during setup
3.12.4 26 Jan 2024
Fixed Knowledge base settings not saving some options correctly hotfix
3.12.3 24 Jan 2024
Fixed Heroic AI Help Assistant - Pinecone indexing hotfix
3.12.2 17 Jan 2024
Improved Backwards compatibility with PHP 7.X and 8.X configurations for Heroic AI Help Assistant
3.12.1 11 Jan 2024
Fixed Compatibility issues with PHP7.X hotfix
3.12.0 10 Jan 2024
New AI Help Assistant (see Heroic KB - Settings - AI Help Assistant to get started).
Updated Help Assistant and KB Email Reports are now enabled automatically on install
Updated Email reports recipient defaults to user that installed demo content (disable reports or add custom recipients to alter)
3.11.0 23 Nov 2023
New Product notifications
Improved Reporting of issues with activation and updates
3.10.4 7 Sep 2023
Improved Help Assistant internal KB links now display correctly
Fixed ht_kb_disable_live_search filter not running as intended
Fixed Placeholder text display in article feedback entry
3.10.3 26 Apr 2023
Fixed Success icon symbols in reporting dashboard
Fixed Report preview menu page item removed
3.10.2 20 Apr 2023
Improved PHP8.2 compatibility
Improved Sort order controls for feedback items
Improved Number i18n support for reporting dashboard
Fixed Issue with default start date in analytics user meta
Fixed Article edit link in feedback tab of analytics
3.10.1 17 Apr 2023
Improved Loading and performance optimizations
3.10.0 12 Apr 2023
New Reporting dashboard
Improved Help assistant styling and tweaks
3.9.1 17 Nov 2022
Fixed Knowledge Base searches not captured since WP6.1 hotfix
Updated Heroic KB integrations package updated to 1.1.2
3.9.0 4 Aug 2022
New New plugin demo sample content
Updated EDD_SL_Plugin_Updater updated to 1.9.2
3.8.0 4 Jul 2022
New Demo import functionality
Updated Additional control filters for help assistant and email reports functionality
3.7.1 22 Jun 2022
Updated Additional filters for control of admin notices
3.7.0 6 Jun 2022
Improved Checked and tested for WP6.0 compatibility
Improved Feedback cards display full text on hover
Improved ToC widget now works with reusable blocks with a left sidebar
Improved Article widget now works with more configurations
Improved Script loading behaviour for development and staging environments
Improved Upgrade flow for packaged plugins
Improved Setup assistant UI
Fixed Error in category ordering with certain configurations
Updated Translation files
3.6.1 29 Apr 2022
Fixed Upgrade flow to direct users to install packaged plugins when upgrading from older versions
3.6.0 11 Apr 2022
New Setup assistant flow
New Packaged plugin Heroic Blocks
New Optional directory plugins - Heroic Glossary and Heroic Table of Contents block
Fixed Issues with style settings not loading media correctly
Updated Analytics now uses the packaged Heroic KB Analytics Pro plugin (tier dependant)
Updated Integrations now included directly in plugin package (tier dependant)
3.5.0 23 Feb 2022
New Knowledge Base health email reports
Updated Various terminology used in the plugin
3.4.1 19 Jan 2022
Updated Verifying updater mechanism
3.4.0 19 Jan 2022
New Reading time meta
New Filters for ht_kb_cpt_args and ht_kb_cpt_capability_type
New Filters for ht_kb_category_capabilities and ht_kb_tag_capabilities
Fixed Undismissable warning with duplicate slug settings in Chrome
Fixed Issue with media library appearing when enter key pressed text entry field on settings page
Fixed Error with ToC widget when no heading contained in article
Updated EDD_SL_Plugin_Updater updated to 1.9.1
3.3.2 4 Dec 2021
Fixed PHP Error issue on some legacy upgrades
3.3.1 29 Nov 2021
Fixed Upgrade taxonomy meta issue with some upgrade paths
3.3.0 25 Nov 2021
New Setup assistant
Improved Class naming consistency in php includes
Improved Search keep typing text filter
Updated Activate live search now triggered with ht_knowledge_base_activate_live_search action
3.2.2 3 Nov 2021
Fixed Filters for settings option when a setting disabled
3.2.1 1 Nov 2021
Fixed Register sidebar filters hotfix
3.2.0 25 Oct 2021
Improved Removed legacy title filters
Improved Site health article and category counts
Improved Embed page translate ability
Improved Temporary Divi shim (until addressed in Divi)
Fixed Title tag in taxonomy archive
Fixed Demo contact page PHP warning during demo installation
Fixed WPML config to include new HKB settings
Fixed Alt attribute for category images
Fixed Whitespace in searchbox lang input
Fixed Horizontal scroll bar display on KB pages for some themes combinations
Fixed Overwriting of sidebars on initial installation
Fixed Rendering of HKB embed display in legacy widget preview
3.1.0 30 Sep 2021
Improved Code cleanup, removing deprecated functionality
Improved Layout of templates in hkb-templates
Fixed WPML compatibility with knowledge base homepage
Fixed Pre block styling
3.0.0 26 Sep 2021
New Templating structure overhaul - possible breaking changes consult documentation
New Added Heroic Knowledge Base sidebars (archive/taxonomy/articles)
Improved Conditional loading of styles only on knowledge base content pages
Improved Overriding knowledge base style loading with ht_kb_enqueue_styles_load_styles filter
Improved Search results template behaviour
Improved Display currently viewing article in articles widget with ht_kb_articles_widget_exclude_self filter
Improved Updated get_terms calls
Improved PHP8 compatibility
Improved Additional compatibility with SQL environments where ANSI_QUOTES enabled
Improved Full feedback text added to title attribute in analytics feedback section
Improved Default knowledge base widgets to new sidebars
Improved Converted sample articles and info to WordPress blocks
Fixed Compatibility of widgets with the WordPress 5.8 widget manager
Fixed Warning with admin menus display with non admin roles
Fixed Total searches count in Analytics Search Effectiveness panel
Updated Removed has_archive from ht_kb (articles) custom post type, use page instead
Updated CMB updated to v2.9.0
2.23.1 5 May 2021
Fixed Issue with heading tags being stripped of classes hotfix
2.23.0 29 Apr 2021
New Knowledge Base Embed functionality
Improved Debug info moved to Tools > Site Health and homogenised
Improved Security enhancements in voting module
Improved Table of Contents widget strips old IDs from headings
Improved Table of Contents widget disables when Heroic ToC block detected
Improved Compatibility with SQL environments where ANSI_QUOTES enabled
Fixed WPML live search compatibility
Fixed Analytics feedback tab for MySQL compatibility
Fixed Script loading in debug
Fixed Show all link for quoted text
Updated Removed pretty permalink warning
Updated Added vote cleanup tool for deleted articles
2.22.0 10 Mar 2021
New Feedback analytics panel
New Article visibility information display in admin bar
Improved Added ht_kb_plugin_activation_upgrade_actions for disabling upgrade actions
Improved Warning messages in settings if slugs are in conflict with posts
Improved New ht_kb_disable_live_search filter
Improved Template compatibility
Improved Compatibility enhancements for WP5.7
Fixed Download attribute behaviour for attachments when opening in new window
Fixed Missing post parameter from get_the_excerpt filter
Fixed Article rating display in admin bar
2.21.1 28 Aug 2020
Fixed Debug output on frontend hotfix
2.21.0 27 Aug 2020
Improved Removed font library dependencies
Improved Performant script loading optimizations
2.20.1 10 Jul 2020
Improved Handling of excerpts and search result highlighting
Fixed Search restrict access function compatibility hotfix
2.20.0 8 Jul 2020
New Highlight search query in excerpt
Improved Term meta updated to implement WordPress Term Meta API
Improved New search url filters - ht_kb_search_affix, ht_kb_search_base
Improved Articles widget can now be sorted by the custom article order
Fixed Compatibility issues with some ACF configurations
Fixed Exit widget issues on homepage in some themes
Fixed Compatibility with WP-CLI
Fixed Issue with ht_kb_search_home_url filter
Fixed Article ordering per feed requests
2.19.1 7 May 2020
Improved Search loading animation for improved theme compatibility
Updated Added ht_kb_toc_first_element_toc_class filter
Fixed Compatibility fix for SEO plugins
2.19.0 11 Feb 2020
Improved Contextual option for knowledge base articles widget
Improved Contextual option for article category widget
Improved ht_kb_exits_table_missing_warning_disable filter
Improved Breadcrumb display and functionality
Improved Conflicting article and category, tags detection and reporting
Fixed PHP warnings in category ordering
Fixed PHP warning for view count data
Fixed PHP warning for magic quotes
Fixed Breadcrumbs for nested pages
Fixed Case sensitivity on exit table detection
Updated Livesearch interaction and trigger length placeholder display
2.18.0 23 Nov 2019
Updated Analytics controls
Fixed Compatibility fixes
Fixed Tested and fixed for TwentyTwenty default theme
Improved Live search keyboard navigation and scroll
Improved Optimizations for deep category structures
Improved Knowledge Base welcome page
Improved Third party theme compatibility
2.17.1 23 Sep 2019
Fixed Schema markup for breadcrumbs hotfix
Improved Improved URL validation on exits redirect
2.17.0 3 Sep 2019
Fixed Potential XSS security issue fix
Improved Breadcrumb display for pages and child pages
2.16.0 13 Mar 2019
New Filters for offsets in analytics
New Filters for related articles functionality
New Ability to pull top searches for display
New Filters for before/after hkb_get_template_part
Improved Verified compatibility with latest WordPress and new block editor
Improved Testing and updated for improved PHP 7.3 compatibility
Improved Term display in classes on frontend
Improved Added warning notice for plain permalinks
Improved Added warning notice for protocol mismatch
Improved Added warning notice when analytics assets are blocked
Improved Support for slug based templates
Improved Support for sites without Multibyte String PHP module
Improved Voting animation
Improved Debug information and tools
Fixed Issues with default permalinks
Fixed JS conflicts with category meta
Fixed Debug log download and data tools links
Fixed Search analytics table does not exist warning
Fixed Data tools in debug screen
Fixed Issues with feedback in Cyrillic script
2.15.0 27 Jul 2018
New Live search queries now included in analytics
New Support for custom category links
Improved SVG category icon support
2.14.2 31 May 2018
New Filters to disable voting and article options metaboxes
New Control filters for granular control of disabling the taxonomies
New Control filters for article attributes columns in admin article list
2.14.1 23 May 2018
New Action filters ht_voting_before_submit_button and ht_ajax_voting_update_feedback
Improved IP data no longer collected for voting functionality
2.14.0 9 May 2018
New Data cleaner to remove old analytics data
New hkb_get_subcategories filter
New Article rating on admin bar when logged in
Improved Removed CSS map references
Improved Search box focus no longer occurs when anchor link set
Improved Accessibility improvements
Updated Widgets updated for improved PHP 7.2 compatibility
2.13.2 16 Mar 2018
New hkb_exits_seo_optimize filter
Improved Exit widget link refined for improved SEO audit performance
Fixed Sort by rating on article edit screen
2.13.1 8 Mar 2018
Fixed REST API search string hotfix
2.13.0 5 Feb 2018
New Data tools for purging and recalculating analytics data
New ht_kb_get_post_views and ht_kb_get_post_views filters
New Exits widget links now nofollow by default
New hkb_exits_nofollow_tag filter
New ht_kb_cpt_has_archive filter
New Hide uncategorized articles in cpt archive option
New ht_knowledge_base_menu_metabox_allowed filter
New ht_kb_toc_content_filter_post_types filter
New hkb_attachment_download filter
Improved Search extensions now work using the REST API search
Improved Slugs can not start with a forward slash
Improved Sort order option hidden when sort by option is custom
Improved CSS compatibility tweaks
Fixed Breadcrumb compatibility with language plugins
2.12.0 25 Oct 2017
New Knowledge Base admin dashboard widget
New Option for 90 days history in analytics
New ht_voting_display_voting_on_article filter
Improved Date selection and handling in analytics
Fixed IE encoding of live search string for non-latin characters
Fixed Array index warnings in widgets
Fixed Timezone issues with analytics
2.11.8 30 Jun 2017
Fixed Support for apostrophes in titles for TOC widget
Fixed Custom article ordering on front page
2.11.7 13 Jun 2017
Fixed TOC widget and WordPress SEO compatibility hotfix
2.11.6 12 Jun 2017
Improved Validation of SQL queries
Improved Voting animation when feedback comment left
Fixed Issues with TOC widget
2.11.5 15 May 2017
New ht_kb_toc_extract_headings_h_start_level filter
New ht_kb_toc_extract_headings_h_end_level filter
New ht_kb_toc_extract_headings_regex filter
Improved Article rating, views and attachment display in article edit list
Fixed TOC widget duplicate and non-latin header issues
Fixed Issue with custom article orders in parent archive view
2.11.4 12 Apr 2017
New Filter by category in article edit posts list
New hkb_master_tax_terms filter
New ht_kb_settings_page_activetab filter
New hkb_custom_excerpt_length filter
New hkb_custom_excerpt_more_string filter
Improved Removed duplicate fonts
Improved Search template for no results
Improved Added widget_title filter to widgets for improved translation support
Fixed Category restriction results
Fixed Long article titles not wrapping on analytics screens
2.11.3 28 Feb 2017
Updated Split out search and taxonomy article excerpt display options
2.11.2 20 Feb 2017
New Added ht_kb_dummy_page_title for SEO compatibility
New Filter for ht_voting_post_display_allow
New Filter for ht_kb_dummy_page_title
Improved Changed ht_kb_wp_title_master_filter to ht_kb_wp_title_tag_filter
Improved WP SEO functionality on KB taxonomies and homepage
Improved Title tag builder ht_kb_wp_title_suffix filter
Fixed Bug in custom template functionality
Fixed Bug with voting callback error
Updated Priority of filters hooked to ht_kb_wp_title_filter function
Updated Additional parameters to ht_kb_wp_title_tag_filter
2.11.1 9 Feb 2017
Fixed Article titles issue when knowledge base set as homepage hotfix
2.11.0 8 Feb 2017
New Voting templates for enhanced control in themes
New Option to display author bio on article
New Filters for viewing analytics, article ordering and category ordering pages capability
New ht_kb_exits_check_nonce filter
New ht_kb_wp_title_master_filter
New hkb_breadcrumbs_* filters
New ht_kb_cpt_supports filter
New ht_kb_exits_check_nonce filter
New ht_kb_category_rewrite_hierachical filter
New ht_kb_livesearch_trigger_length
Improved Title tag behavior
Improved Automatic update checks
Improved Feedback filter control disabled when no feedback
Fixed Possible errors on content-article and ajax templates
Fixed Issue with undefined index warning in article category meta
Fixed Issue with hkb_search_terms filter
Fixed WPML search taxonomies compatibility issues
Fixed Related articles CSS issue - Article title overlay with meta
Fixed Issue with category archive not displaying correctly with subcategories but no articles
Fixed Incorrect kb archive title when set as homepage
Updated Removed beta tag from analytics
Updated Readme.txt format
2.10.0 9 Jan 2017
New Compatibility CSS shivs for default themes
New Action hook for ht_voting_vote_post_action
New Filter hkb_debug_mode filter
New Filter ht_kb_view_count filter
New Filter ht_usefulness filter
New Filter hkb_search_url filter
Improved Templates for compatibility with several third party themes
Improved Code quality on templates
Improved Debug functionality
Improved Ability to add dummy data with hkb_debug_mode filter
Fixed Table of content widget in post preview
Fixed All results URL for WPML compatibility
Fixed WPML language_negotiation_type and logic
2.9.2 12 Dec 2016
Fixed Hotfix to prevent WPML returning all article languages
2.9.1 30 Nov 2016
New Filter hkb_compat_templates
New Filter show_ht_kb_welcome_on_activation
New Filter hkb_author_archive_post_types
Fixed WMPL search conflict
2.9.0 16 Nov 2016
New Major redesign and improvements to Analytics module
New Added WordPress REST API v2 endpoints
Improved Debug information
Improved TOC widget
Improved Jetpack compatibility
Improved Add articles and categories to nav menus
2.8.1 10 Oct 2016
Fixed Hotfix for category meta PHP warnings
2.8.0 4 Oct 2016
New HKB restrict functionality (BETA)
New Debug info page
Improved option to open attachments in new window
Updated Removed mo and po files, use new pot for translations
Improved WPML compatibility of option strings
Fixed Unbalanced tags in TOC widget
2.7.12 19 Sep 2016
Improved Further code cleanup, removing redundant modules
Improved Re-added 0 option for num-articles-home setting
Improved HKB category widget
Fixed Analytics backend images
2.7.11 15 Aug 2016
Fixed Issue with No articles in this category message
Improved HKB categories widget - added heirarchy support
Improved General code cleanup and i18n improvements
2.7.10 1 Aug 2016
Improved Slug checking and options
Improved Removed nothing else here message when category contains subcategories
Improved Check for exits tables
Improved Refactored backend voting styles
Improved Filter for saving user visits and search queries
Improved Check to display article attachments for password protected posts
2.7.9 18 Jul 2016
New Package builder
Fixed No category set warning
Improved Added no articles in KB message
Improved Cleaned up language files
2.7.8 24 Jun 2016
Fixed Issue with settings flash
2.7.7 21 Jun 2016
Fixed issue with Avast false positive
New POT file for translators - transitional
Improved General code cleanup
2.7.6 17 Jun 2016
Fixed Settings links
Improved Cleaning up settings code
2.7.5 8 Jun 2016
Fixed Hotfix for customizer error
2.7.4 8 Jun 2016
Fixed Article number setting
Fixed TOC widget, will now not display when no headers in article
Fixed Language used in options panel
Fixed Search issue when WordPress address not site address
Fixed Date issue with analytics
Improved JS check to ensure slugs are not the same
Improved Removed KB archive dummy page from pages list
2.7.3 2 Jun 2016
Fixed Hotfix for article number setting
Fixed Hotfix for exits to display at end of article, defaults to false
2.7.2 31 May 2016
Fixed Hotfix for comments setting
2.7.1 30 May 2016
Fixed Hotfix for PHP formatting issues
2.7.0 26 May 2016
New Added search post types filter
Updated Replaced/Removed Redux framework to improve theme compatibility
2.6.4 23 Mar 2016
Fixed Analytics plugin detect warning hotfix
2.6.3 23 Mar 2016
Fixed Attachment post title name hotfix
Fixed Analytics date range hotfix
2.6.2 21 Mar 2016
Fixed TOC Widget hotfix
2.6.1 17 Mar 2016
Improved Article excerpt to search result if option enabled
Fixed Bug with category icon display
Improved Localization improvements
2.6.0 14 Mar 2016
New Implemented transfers/exits module
Improved Continued work on analytics functionality
Fixed Fixes for breadcrumb display
Fixed Various fixes for improved compatibility with SEO plugins
Improved Various styling improvements
2.5.4 22 Feb 2016
Fixed Hotfix for meta markup in widgets
2.5.3 16 Feb 2016
Fixed Hotfix for article ordering
Fixed Hotfix for Redux framework update to
2.5.2 11 Jan 2016
Fixed Hotfix for auto updater
2.5.1 7 Jan 2016
Fixed Hotfixes for breadcrumbs
Updated Rebasing as 2.5.x
2.5.0 7 Jan 2016
New Control filters
Fixed Minor Bug fixes
Fixed WPML search box fix
Fixed Subcategory display inconsistency fix
Fixed Responsive bugs in HKB archive fix
2.4.0 18 Dec 2015
New Filters for option helpers
New Filters for option sections
New Filter and action hook for options
Fixed Responsive bugs
Improved InstaAnswers compatibility
2.3.4 27 Nov 2015
Fixed Hotfix for titles in Knowledge Base archive
Fixed Hotfix for z-index in live-search
2.3.3 20 Nov 2015
Fixed Hotfix for titles in Knowledge Base archive
2.3.2 20 Nov 2015
Fixed Hotfix for WordPress nav menus
2.3.1 20 Nov 2015
Fixed Hotfix for page titles
Fixed Hotfix for knowledgebase styles
2.3.0 11 Nov 2015
New Metabox for article stats - views, feedback, attachments
New Added filters to stop custom content (stop_ht_knowledge_base_custom_content)
Improved Upgraded database functionality, rewrote controllers and additional underpinning for analytics
Improved Database version check, upgrades performed as required
Fixed 404 error when previewing a published article
Fixed Sub category depth display
Fixed Custom article ordering when order previously set to descending
Fixed Category permalink prefixed with blog slug
Fixed Sort by article views
Fixed Comment template, disqus compatibility
Improved Network activate functionality
2.2.0 30 Sep 2015
Fixed Issue with breadcrumbs link
Updated Reordered admin menu
Updated Change voting to post request and removed link
Fixed Article count of sub-subcategories
Fixed Issue with category icon when creating new category
Improved Table of content widget (beta)
2.1.0 16 Sep 2015
New TOC wid
Updated Rebased versioning for new Hero Themes Version Control (HTVC)
Updated Change textdomain hookget
Fixed Breadcrumbs in deep categories
2.0.8 18 Aug 2015
Improved Article and category ordering UI
Fixed Bugs in demo installer
2.0.7 13 Aug 2015
New Added analytics core
New Added article sorting
2.0.6 21 Jul 2015
Improved Display subcategories in parent category when option to hide in home/archive selected
Improved Removed some legacy code
2.0.5 9 Jul 2015
Fixed Category listing hotfix
2.0.4 27 Jun 2015
Fixed Textdomain fix
2.0.3 24 Jun 2015
Improved Removed advanced validation for slugs to allow for more flexible permalink structure
2.0.2 1 Jun 2015
Fixed Issue with CMB2 activation resulting in invalid header error
2.0.1 29 May 2015
Improved Packaged voting module
2.0 28 May 2015
New Templating structure
New Search widget
New Helper functions
New Styling options
Fixed Numerous bug fixes and coding enhancements
1.4 23 Feb 2015
Improved Separated voting logic from knowledge base
New Welcome page
New Demo installer
New Added auto updater functionality
Improved PHP and security improvements
Updated Redux framework
Improved Styling for theme compatibility
Improved Title and SEO functionality
Improved General theme compatibility
Improved Refined options UI
Fixed Various bug fixes and tweaks
1.3 15 Jan 2015
Improved Voting option improvements
New Adding WPML support for knowledge base homepage
Fixed Search placeholder when used with WPML
Updated Translation strings
Improved Added namespacing to some common namespacing functions
Fixed Issue with kb as homepage not displaying posts in correct order
Updated Namespacing on show all tag
Improved Removed vote this comment text
Improved view count upgrade functionality
Fixed Bug with subcategory article markup being displayed when there are no articles to display
Improved Updated options wording
Improved Added data attribute for category description
Improved HTML Output
Improved Consistency in widget descriptions
1.2 14 Nov 2014
Improved Added HT Knowledge Base Archive dummy page
Improved Article views visible in Knowledge Base post lists on backend
New Ability to set view count and usefulness manually
New Reset votes option
New Article tag support
New Added custom field support
Improved Option to display number of articles in category or tag
Improved Title output text
New Link to display remaining articles in category
Fixed Voting option on individual articles
Fixed Homepage option inconsistencies
Updated Translation texts to improve i18n support
Fixed Display comments option for Heroic Knowledgebase
1.1 13 Aug 2014
Improved Removed ht_kb_homepage requirement (implementing themes must implement by default and declare support with ht_knowledge_base_templates)
New Added loads of options for sorting and categorizing articles
New Added rating indicator at various locations
Improved Centralized display logic for plugin and supporting themes
Enhanced search and live search
Fixed Breadcrumbs display
Fixed Page titles
New Added options for archive display
Fixed Where meta displays
New Support for video and standard post formats
Fixed Various other bug fixes, tweaks and enhancements
1.0 1 Aug 2014
New Initial release