Heroic FAQs Changelog

19 Jul 2023

New Ability to add and work with over 100 FAQ groups
Fixed Issues with deleting FAQs and Groups on some configurations
Updated Disabled ht_faq_emulate_http - use filter to re-enable

14 Mar 2022

Fixed Maximum number of group items displayed in FAQ group selector

10 Feb 2022

Improved Refactor and performance improvements
Improved UI behaviour and default states
Improved General compatibility improvements for WordPress 5.8 and 5.9
Improved Replaced deprecated block functions
Fixed Issue with backend common styles loading on frontend
Fixed Hotfix for menu reorder functionality warning
Fixed Issue with TinyMCE not loading in builder on some setups
Fixed Activation issues on some setups

21 Nov 2019

Fixed WordPress 5.3 update hotfix

9 Oct 2019

New Option to expand all items for the toggle FAQ group
Improved Clearer option display in block inspector
Fixed FAQ blocks not showing more than 10 items hotfix

22 Aug 2019

Improved Handling of errors on FAQ builder page
Fixed Schema markup for multiple groups hotfix
Updated Filterable CPT and taxonomy arguments

1 Jul 2019

Fixed Schema markup itemprop mainEntity hotfix

21 Jun 2019

Improved Schema markup
Fixed Select FAQ Group display bug in FAQ block
Updated ht_faq_builder_page_capability default changed to edit_posts

16 May 2019

New FAQ Group Name output option for frontend
New Default expanded FAQ item on page from URL hash
Improved Enter and Esc actions in builder
Improved Frontend styling tweaks
Improved Additional filters for control of CPT and taxonomies
Improved Conditional loading of scripts and styles for FAQs
Improved Loading checks on FAQ builder page
Improved FAQ Builder page interactions
Improved Prevent and warn on multisite network activation
Fixed Issue with assistant step 3 not registering when block was used
Fixed Icon off option
Fixed Issue with get_current_screen on some configurations
Fixed Icon select in block inspector
Updated Taxonomies are now set to default public false to improve SEO

9 Apr 2019

New FAQs block default open item option
Improved FAQs block improvements
Improved ht_faq_emulate_http filter added for improved server support
Improved Added warning notice for plain permalinks

17 Dec 2018

Improved WP5 compatibility improvements
New Template filter ht_faq_group_shortcode_template
New Control filter ht_faq_builder_page_capability

18 Oct 2018

Fixed Issues with Gutenberg FAQ block
Improved Increased maximum number of FAQ groups to 100
Improved Plugin compatibility

7 Sep 2018

New Gutenberg FAQ block added
Improved Support for ajax based theme navigation

24 Oct 2017

Improved Increased maximum number of FAQs per group to 100
Improved Removed extra whitespace from FAQ shortcode generator

17 Oct 2017

Fixed Theme compatibility issues with lists
Improved Max height on FAQs increased

30 Aug 2017

Fixed Safari browser bug in FAQ builder hotfix

25 Aug 2017

Updated Verifying automatic updates

25 Aug 2017

New Initial release