Affiliate Program Terms


  1. The affiliate program is open to site owners (the affiliate) referring new users to us, HeroThemes, subject to our acceptance.
  2. Participation in the affiliate program is subject to the affiliate’s acceptance of these terms and the affiliate’s admission into the program by us.
  3. When the affiliate refers a new user to us via an affiliate link, we track the inbound link and subsequent actions of that user via a unique referral code.
  4. We pay affiliates a percentage of a new users first purchase the affiliate refers via their unique affiliate link, made on the HeroThemes site on products sold by HeroThemes made within 30 days of referral, called qualifying referrals. This percentage is prescribed in the affiliates area and may be unique to each affiliate.
  5. Affiliates accrue an affiliate balance based qualifying referrals.
  6. Qualifying referrals do not include purchases that are made and subsequently refunded.
  7. No self referrals is allowed.
  8. PPC bidding is prohibited.
  9. HeroThemes reserves the right to offer coupons / discount codes to select affiliates. If you’re not pre-approved then you’re not allowed to promote the coupon / discount code.
  10. Affiliates may not use misleading text on affiliate links, buttons or images to imply that anything besides currently authorized deals to the specific affiliate.
  11. We take reasonable steps to ensure that affiliate referrals are tracked accurately, however these may not track reliability due to factors outside our control, including but not limited to, the user’s privacy settings. Referrals that do not track or track incorrectly will not be classed as qualifying referrals.
  12. The affiliate program may be terminated or suspended at any time. These terms may be altered from time-to-time and will be made available via the HeroThemes site.
  13. Affiliate balances will be paid periodically via PayPal. Affiliates require a valid PayPal account to participate in the affiliate program. Payments will be made after a minimum of 60 days to ensure purchases are paid and cleared.
  14. Affiliates must take reasonable steps to ensure steps to ensure their participation in the affiliate program does not damage the reputation of HeroThemes, our products, services, staff and partners. This includes, but is not limited to, misuse of our marks or intellectual property, promotion of affiliate links via unsolicited mail, illegal or immoral websites or any method that would be confusing, misleading or deceptive to the user.
  15. Action taken against affiliates abusing these terms may include dismissal from the affiliate program, forfeiture of affiliate balance and/or other legal remedy.

Last Updated: June 2020