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To install the theme you must have WordPress already installed on your server. Please consult the WordPress installation guide or your web host provider for help with this.

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You can install the theme in two ways:

  • WordPress Upload: In the WordPress admin panel navigate to Appearance > Add New Themes > Upload. Go to browse and select the zipped theme folder. Press install now and the theme will be uploaded and installed.
  • FTP Upload: Using your FTP program upload the on-zipped theme folder into the /wp-content/themes/ folder of your WordPress installation.

Once the theme is uploaded, you need to activate it. Go to Appearance > Themes and activate your theme.

Setup Theme Options

The theme options should all be pre-populated with default data. To make sure it’s activated simply go to Appearance > Theme Options and click save. Take some time to take a look through the options and customize them for your site.

Next setup your permalinks in Settings > Permalinks.

Theme Features

This section will walk you through utilizing the various features of the theme.

Theme Options

The theme comes with a simple to use administration panel. You can access it by navigating to Appearance > Theme Options.

General Options

These general settings allow you to configure the basic settings of the theme such as the logo, favicon and many others.

Homepage Options

These settings allow you to configure the homepage.

Styling Options

These styling options allow you to customize various aspects of theme. Here you can choose the theme color.

FAQ Page

The FAQ page is automatically created by the theme when you install and activate. You can find the page by adding ?post_type=st_faq to end of your home URL.

You can add new FAQ question and answers in WP Admin > FAQs. Use the title for your FAQ question, and the content area as your FAQ answer. They will automatically be formatted and displayed on your FAQ page. You can change the order by modifying the “Order” number.

Post Formats

When creating a post you will be able to choose from 2 post formats:


The standard format is for your go to articles.


The video format displays a custom video or an embedded video depending on the options you have selected.

To add a self-hosted video you can upload it into the “Video Post Format” meta box that appears below the editor. You can also provide an optional “Poster Image” which is the video preview image.

If you are embedding a YouTube or Vimeo video you simply have to paste the embed code into the “Youtube/Vimeo Embed Code” option.

Custom Menus

To setup your custom menus, navigate to Appearance & Menus. Give your menu a name and build it up using the available widgets. You can add a variety of items including pages, categories, custom links. To extend the available widgets, click the screen options tab at the very top of the screen and configure your options.

Once you have built and saved your menu, simply select the theme location using the widget on the left.

Custom Widgets

This theme comes with various custom widgets that can be found under Appearance > Widgets.

Latest Articles Widget

This widget allows you to show your latest articles in widgetised areas. You can configure the title and number of posts to display.

  • Title: Title of the widget
  • Number of posts: Choose the number of posts to display

This widget allows you to show your most popular articles in widgetised areas. You can configure the title and number of posts to display.

  • Title: Title of the widget
  • Number of posts: Choose the number of posts to display

Custom Shortcodes

The theme comes pre-packed with a number of shortcodes allowing you to add styled content to your site with little effort.

Conveniently, the available shortcodes have been included in a one-click menu. When creating a page or post, click the green “+” icon to reveal a list of shortcodes. Choose the functionality you wish to include and click “insert”.


The theme supports the use of featured images. The theme supports auto-resizing of the featured images. Auto-resizing will only occur however when the image is uploaded for the first time, images that have previously been uploaded will not be resized. You can however use the following plugin to regenerate the thumbnails:

To upload a post thumbnail, go to Posts > Add New or open an existing post in editing mode. Locate the Featured Image module and click the Set featured image link.

Clicking the link will open up the usual WordPress image uploader where you will upload your image. Simply make sure that it is either the same size or larger than what the final thumbnail will be. Once you’re done uploading the image, simply click the link that says “Set Featured Image”, which is next to the button to insert it into the post.

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