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HelpGuru Upgrade Documentation

This documentation will guide you through the process of upgrading the HelpGuru theme. It is important you follow these steps carefully to ensure a smooth upgrade.

Please refer to the main HelpGuru documentation for additional details of how to configure the theme after upgrade.

You will need to reconfigure any custom widgets and custom navigation, so you may wish to make a note of any settings for these. It is also recommended you backup your site before continuing.

  1. Deactivate the theme
    1. Login to your WordPress administration panel and navigate to Appearance > Themes
    2. Switch to the default theme – eg. Twenty Seventeen
    3. The HelpGuru theme will now be deactivated.
  2. Disable and remove the Heroic Knowledge Base and Heroic Voting (if available) plugins
    1. From Plugins > Installed Plugins, disable both Knowledge Base and Voting plugin (if available)
    2. Once deactivated, remove these two plugins, by selecting delete. Select delete all files when prompted. You will not lose any articles or votes.
  3. Delete the old theme
    1. Goto Appearance > Themes again and click Theme Details on the Help Guru tile
    2. Select Delete at the bottom right of the theme details popup to delete the theme completely.
  4. Upload the new theme
    1. Goto Appearance > Themes and select Add New at the top, then select upload
    2. Upload the theme package. This will be or similar. It is not the zip file, if you only have this file, you will need to extract the first. Follow the installation steps in the main theme documentation for alternative installation options.
  5. Activate the new theme
    1. Once installed, select Activate to enable the new theme. You may get a notice to install and activate HelpGuru Knowledge Base plugin, doing so will complete the upgrade.

After following these steps you should now have the latest version of the theme and plugin installed and activated. You may need to re-configure your widgets and set the primary navigation from Appearance > Customize after the upgrade. For users that use the Knowledge Base as the homepage this option can now be set in Settings > Reading (see main documentation for more details)

Note: The Voting has now been merged into HelpGuru Knowledge Base, you get the same/improved functionality, but now with just one plugin to manage. You do not need to reinstall Heroic Voting
If you have any issues with the upgrade please raise a ticket via the ThemeForest item support page.
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