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Managing Support & Update Subscriptions

All products sold on include upto 12 months of support and updates in the purchase price, this renews annually to ensure ongoing maintenance for the life of the product, you can read more about this in Why is there an annual subscription for support & updates?

Prior to renewal, a reminder will be sent to the registered account email, to advise the subscription for support and updates is set to renew. A purchase receipt will also be sent once the payment for the renewal is processed.

It’s possible to manage your Subscription(s) at any time from Your HeroThemes Account in the Subscriptions tab. This lists all the current and expired subscriptions in your account. In the Actions column you can view an invoice for the latest renewal, manually renew, or cancel the subscription. This will cancel the subscription and auto-renewal at the end of the current period – the subscription will lapse at the Renewal Date. Access to Support, Updates and Downloads will remain unaffected until the Renewal Date.

If your Subscription has lapsed, you will no longer be eligible for Support, Updates and Downloads. You will be required to re-purchase at the current sale price for the product to re-enable these service features.

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