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This integration is currently only available for KnowAll Pro Users, with an active KnowAll Pro license.


The Help Scout integration is designed to assist with customer support tickets in the Help Scout interface. It adds an additional panel that searches a connected knowledge base with the current conversation tags.


The Heroic Knowledge Base integrations plugin requires the latest Heroic Knowledge Base plugin to be installed and activated. Either as a standalone plugin, or the version packaged with the KnowAll theme.

The Help Scout integration requires an active Help Scout subscription on a Standard or Plus plan (API and integrations).

Ensure your KnowAll Pro license is active, you will then be prompted to install the Heroic Knowledge Base Integrations plugin from the WordPress dashboard.


  1. Login to Help Scout and goto the Help Scout Custom App Integration.
  2. Click on the Create App button.
  3. In the next section, name your integration eg. A Knowledge BaseĀ  Integration, this will be displayed in the panel in Help Scout.
  4. Select Dynamic Content as the content type.
  5. Enter the callback url for the site where Heroic Knowledge Base Integrations is installed. eg.
  6. Enter a 40 character random App Key string (tip a site like can be used to generate a unique key).
  7. Select the mailboxes to use this integration and hit Save.
  8. Next, generate a User API key from your Help Scout profile. Your Profile > Authentication > API Keys. Click Generate API Key.
  9. The User API key will automatically be generated by Help Scout.
  10. In your WordPress Knowledge Base Settings administration, select the Integrations tab.
  11. Enter the App Key you created and User API key generated in the Help Scout section and hit Save.
  12. When viewing a ticket in Help Scout the top three results for each of the current conversation tags will be returned, making it easier to reference content in your knowledge base. (tip: when adding a new tag, refresh the current conversation to get updated results)


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