Heroic Inbox Changelog

6 Dec 2023

Fixed Mailbox settings
Improved PHP8.1 support (note PHP8.0 and below will no longer be supported in future releases)

13 Nov 2023

Updated SL Updater to v1.9.2
Improved Inbound HTML formatting for IMAP messages
Fixed User and Status popover UI in email list view and ticket page
Fixed Avatar in contact card
Fixed Assigned filter view and associated counts fix
Fixed Assignment and status controls and counts in mailbox view
Fixed PHP8.1 deprecated warnings
Fixed Strip tags title warning on non-menu pages
Fixed Unassigned mail not appearing correctly in filter

8 Aug 2023

New Navigation links for next and previous messages

26 Jul 2023

Fixed Error when no comment_status parameter set
Fixed Mailbox message counts
Improved Help Scout integration feedback with invalid email address
Improved Primary and fallback for header to pull email orginator in Gmail
Updated Using Reply-To for Gmail add ticket - can be filtered

12 Jul 2023

Fixed Help Scout integration additional output
Fixed Email address overflow display
Fixed Link to mailbox configuration in Settings Mailboxes list
Improved Placeholder opacity in settings inputs

6 Jul 2023

New Help Scout integration
Improved Search for users when adding to mailbox

21 Jun 2023

Fixed Plugin conflict fixes
Fixed Add New User flow hotfix
Improved Clarified PHP 8.1 and WordPress 6.1 requirements in readme.txt

7 Jun 2023

Fixed Key activation hotfix

25 May 2023

Fixed SMTP Mailer from address
Improved New filters for SMTP and IMAP connection configuration

22 May 2023

Fixed Plugin packaging hotfix

17 May 2023

Fixed Cron and automated message fetching
Fixed Message timezones for generic mailers
Improved Display of Authorized redirect URI information

11 May 2023

New UI for setup assistant
Improved Flow for adding mailboxes and default states
Improved Header consistency for search page
Improved Default display of new contact
Improved Compatibility for sites with plain permalinks
Improved Feedback on mail fetch

4 May 2023

Fixed Ajax activation on WP6.2 hotfix

8 Feb 2023

Fixed User management in mailbox settings
Fixed Issue with Gmail test mail functionality
Fixed New mailbox flow from settings screen
Fixed Default check interval for new IMAP mailboxes

30 Jan 2023

New Added support for IMAP/SMTP
Updated UI changes and enhancements
Fixed Numerous fixes for legacy issues

9 May 2022

Fixed OAuth flow for Google mailbox authorization

15 Apr 2022

New WooCommerce integration
Fixed Issue updating contact email address

2 Feb 2022

Fixed Compatibility fixes for WP5.9
Fixed Issue with activation checks

13 Oct 2021

New Mailbox email signatures
Fixed Test mail warnings
Fixed HTML entities not displaying correctly in subjects
Improved Welcome setup flow
Improved Draft message flow

20 Aug 2021

Fixed Admin notices for nginx setup info hotfix

16 Aug 2021

New Add and receive attachments functionality

10 Jun 2021

New Compose mail functionality
Improved Various tweaks and improvements in UI
Updated Setup assistant for app creation flow

7 Apr 2021

New Initial Public Release


Updated Verifying auto-update functionality


New Initial Release