• Fantastic plugin

    We have always been in the lookout for a plugin to manage our knowledge base on Wordpress (we are using Wordpress as none of the other platforms intercom, zendesk, freshdesk… has advanced features as Wordpress). We initially built our plugin ourselves but it turned out to be a big mistake as our core business has nothing to do with Wordpress.

    A few months ago, I stumbled upon Heroic KB, tried it and I love it. The plugin has a very professional look & feel and is very rich in terms of functionality we could use to improve our KB.

    All in all, I would give the plugin 6 starts if I could 🙂

    Great work guys!

  • Clean, smart, flexible

    Plugin works great so far. Extremely easy to implement and install. Easy to use, very clean design, robust tracking features. All for a flat fee. Great support documentation, Solid value.

  • The Knowleddge Base is Amazing

    I have been using the Knowledge Base plug-in for WordPress since 2017. I recently purchased a third license for a new site we built. The Knowledge Base is easy to install and set up. Adding articles is quick and simple. The cost for a license is more than affordable and the value far exceeds the price! This product has helped us to increase our business revenue tremendously! If your website needs a searchable, “Accurate” knowledge base, I highly recommend using the Hero Themes Knowledge Base plug-in for WordPress!

  • Love it...

    The KnowAll Knowledge Base theme gave us an out of the box solution to spin up a full featured and well designed support center for our users. We love the ease of setup, SEO features and analytics tracking.

  • I couldn't be happier with the outcome

    The verdict is in: The Heroic Knowledge Base Plug-in is 100% recommended. HeroThemes is top of the line. My website doesn't just look professional, user friendly and sophisticated. It is.

    I couldn't be happier with the outcome. Thank you!

  • Totally impressed

    Heroic Knowledge Base is turning out to be one of my favorite plugins. It's stable, fast and has a clean and attractive front-end interface. They are also ahead of the game on customer service. Totally impressed.

  • Highly recommend HeroThemes for your Knowledge Base needs!

    Heroic KB was an elegant solution to update our Knowledge Base with its minimalist eye-catching design. Everyone on the team, from the developer to the marketing lead, were able to navigate their way easily through the dashboard editor. Even though we were under a time crunch, we were able to get it set up quickly and in time for Mailbutler's big launch. Highly recommend HeroThemes for your Knowledge Base needs!

  • Much better than anything else I have tried

    I bought the Heroic Knowledge Base plugin for our WordPress plugins knowledge base, having tried a few free plugins and third party systems but not found one that meets my needs. The Heroic KB plugin was much better than anything else I had tried and really easy to set up. It's great that you can structure the articles into multiple levels of sub-categories. The instant search is excellent. I love the fact that the knowledge base part of my main website which helps with SEO. The analytics facility is great and provides concrete ideas on how I can improve the knowledge base to help clients and reduce the number of support tickets. My technical director found it easy to hook into the templates and style the knowledge base to look really professional. Thanks very much!

  • Heroic Knowledge Base is our go-to knowledge bae plugin

    Our new client needed to reduce the volume of emails going through their contact page via a WordPress plugin. All other knowledge base plugins we tried failed to provide the basic functionality needed to help a user search and get relevant results to solve their query before raising a ticket. After integrating Heroic Knowledge Base the results provided in the auto complete search using exactly the same support page content delivered results that were ten times more accurate.

    We will be using this Heroic Knowledge Base as our go-to support article package.

  • Docs website in couple of minutes

    I needed to deploy a docs website ASAP. KnowAll theme simplified the task for me – the initial setup took a couple of minutes and I could focus on creating the documentation. 5 hours later, a website with premium plugin documentation is ready for first visitors. What’s more – it fulfills the industry standards and it is easy and convenient for use.

  • Simple setup, powerful plugins

    I bought the KnowAll Theme and I was amazed and how fast I had a fully-functional, good-looking documentation website. I would definitely buy again!

  • It's more than just a WordPress theme.

    Sure it looks beautiful out-of-the-box. And yes, it’s easy to customize. But what I really love about KnowAll is the built-in analytics that helps me determine what content gaps I have in my knowledge base and which articles need improvement. That’s priceless!

  • Truly excellent

    KnowAll has proven to be a truly excellent solution for my client. Between the theme and plugin it nailed 99% of everything we needed and it’s extremely well made so the customizations we needed to complete the project were easy to implement.

  • Very well done !

    The folks at HeroThemes have done a really good job. This theme works very well and it contains all the functions you need to build a quality knowledge base.

  • KnowAll for Learning

    We used the KnowAll Theme to develop a Learning Knowledge Center. This Knowledge center assists our learning community by providing information on industry terminology, training programs, user guides, and much more.

    Our users regularly comment on the polished user experience of the theme and our admins enjoy the simplistic tools for managing the information and the analytic tools are also a plus.

    We would not ask to change much to the theme but if we could make one recommendation it would be to allow duplication of articles or article templates.

    Our team and users appreciate this tool and we would recommend it to anyone looking for a low maintenance solution for providing information and support to their customers.

    Thank you for a great product and your customer support is great too!

  • Get it done!

    Appearance options easily displayed in the backend could help us even more, mainly in the table of contents from articles.

  • Great knowledgebase theme!

    This took a LOT of work off my plate – their KB skin is incredible and has all the functions our 1200 employee business needed. Thanks!

  • best theme ive used

    so far, this theme has been incredible! it was super easy to set up, and when i did need a question answered, support was super quick and friendly! the theme has everything we needed 🙂

  • Thanks for a great product!

    We're using KnowAll as an internal knowledge base for our employees and so far it's turning out to be great!

    This was a better option for us as a small company, instead of spending thousands of dollars per year using a hosted service with loads of features we don't use or need.

    Thanks for a great product!

  • We highly recommend KnowAll to anyone who needs a knowledgebase!

    We have searched endlessly for a good knowledge-base system that can be hosted on a /domain and not subdomain. To our knowledge KnowAll is the only one out there which greatly helps us improve our SEO ratings. Also, the system is well integrated with WordPress and is an ease to work with. We highly recommend it to anyone who needs a knowledgebase! Even if you compare it with more expensive alternatives such as hubspots knowledgebase etc.

  • Install, customize, done.

    I really like KnowAll. Probably the easiest to use WordPress based product I've ever used. Install, customize, done. Loved it. I only wish more WordPress products were built like that. Also like that it looks just as good as the crazy expensive knowledge base products.

  • Highly recommend!

    KnowAll was exactly what I was looking for in a Knowledgebase/ FAQ theme. As a startup company, we want to get lots of content on our site quickly and cleanly. KnowAll a gives us a clean professional look that compliments our site nicely. Highly recommend!

  • Professional look, and improved our documentation

    KnowAll has helped us to centralize resources previously strewn across multiple video platforms and document repositories. It has given our support materials a professional look, and improved our ability to quickly surface relevant documentation to our clientele.

  • KnowAll really boosted our helpdesk performance!

    We have tried so many other different solution before KnowAll. The problem becomes difficult as our site language is in Indonesian. KnowAll really boosted our helpdesk performance. The analytics is so powerful – allowing us to optimize where our customers are actually needing help!

    We're happy we choose KnowAll and would strongly recommend it!

  • Love KnowAll...

    Love KnowAll – it has been a great move for us… it looks great, is easy to use and ensures our customers have everything they need in one place.

  • KnowAll is well worth the money

    I'd looked at, and even paid for and tried out, different help desk templates for WordPress before deciding on KnowAll. One of the key things that made me use KnowAll was the professional appearance the template instantly gave my website without the need for me to alter the design or get custom header graphics created. I also really liked the built-in search and the automatic inclusion of related links at the bottom of help posts. After installing and using KnowAll for a while I've really come to appreciate the analytics pages. The analytics pages let me know what people are searching for giving me valuable clues as to which help topics I might add as well as easily presenting feedback from my users on which topics helped them or could be improved. KnowAll is well worth the money.

  • I love it

    I love it. It gives you everything you need for your knowledge base without any hassle. Setting it up is very easy and I love the sidebar function that automatically creates a navigation.

  • Easily the best WordPress theme I've ever purchased

    The KnowAll theme is easily the best WordPress theme I've ever purchased. It's super fast, technically sound, and a breeze to set up and customize. It's also very SEO friendly on both mobile and desktop, which is extremely important in my line of work!

  • Thanks from Outlandish for a great knowledge base theme for WordPress.

    KnowAll's extensive customisation options have allowed us to make it our own both aesthetically and functionally and as a result it has increased engagement with our internal Wiki. We are happy that we chose KnowAll and would recommend it to others.

  • A great knowledge base at a fraction of the cost.

    A lot of thought has gone into this theme, in how it looks, works and how both the user and admin interact with it. In comparison to other knowledge based services available on the market, KnowAll does a wonderful job at a fraction of the cost.

  • KnowAll is working out great!

    We expanded our support team from 1 full-time employee to 6 part-time employees, so we were looking for an easy way to share our knowledge to all (new) support employees. I've tried KnowAll and it was just what I was looking for. Easy to set up (took me 2 hours to fully customize it), all employees understand it, great search, their support team responds in no time to tickets and it only costs $149. For us it is a no-brainer to keep using KnowAll.

  • Our knowledge base could not look better

    Pepo Campaigns has made KnowAll its knowledge base as it features a fresh and clean design, getting the user to focus on the content.

    When choosing we could really feel a difference compared to the alternatives available, from the widget options to the customization possible on top of the base theme.

    Our resource section could not look better and our clients love the way they can access and research across the different topic and sections!

  • KnowAll has been a great asset to the Pagely sales process

    At Pagely we set up the HeroThemes the KnowAll theme as a pre-sales KB for people evaluating our managed WP hosting service. Initially we had intended to run this as an internal-facing tool to be used exclusively by our sales team. The idea was to make the KB into the authoritative hub for all pre-sales questions. Training would consist of having new salespeople self-educate about our service by combing through KB articles then listening to recent calls, reading sales exchanges and internal chats and then updating that info in the KB.

    Midway through this process of setting this up we realized with extra work we could externalize the resource and transform it into a self-serve resource that could be used by prospects as well as salespeople. We put our interns on the task of extracting & sanitizing Q&A from the aforementioned channels. To date have over 400 discreet question & answer pairs from past sales exchanges. We added a livechat widget to the KB site for leadgen and as a mechanism to answer questions not currently addressed by the KB. In all the KB has been a great asset to the Pagely sales process. The type-ahead search feature provides a fast way to filter by keyword and the categorical organization gives a simple means to browse by topic area. Backend reports show us which articles are unclear and need refinement. Having it indexed by Google gives us long-tail SEO benefits. And most importantly we now have a scaleable way to onboard our new salespeople. The KB allows us to preserve tribal sales knowledge and exposes it in a way that teaches salespeople and also accommodates prospects who prefer to get their answers self-serve. We're happy customers of HeroThemes and endorse both the product and the support we've seen from the company.