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What’s included in the Purchase Price?

For all products sold on, we license and support the product via our site.

Included in the subscription are access to downloads, support and updates for that product the duration of the subscription. Your subscription will specify the number of sites we will support for that product.

Subscriptions are billed annually until cancelled. You can continue to use the product, but will lose access to downloads, support and updates. You may cancel your subscription at any time.

We also sell a number theme items exclusively on ThemeForest, under the HeroThemes brand.

These are licensed by ThemeForest and are subject to the ThemeForest license conditions, which are outlined when you make a purchase. We offer support for these products via the HeroThemes ThemeForest item support page. You will require your purchase code from ThemeForest to access support for ThemeForest items, here’s how to find your purchase code. You can download the latest version of the theme at any time from your ThemeForest account page.

All support is provided in accordance with the HeroThemes Support Policy, which specifies the service we provide with support.

If you buy one of our products, there is no requirement to buy another (unless you want to, of course). For example, if you buy a knowledge base theme, there is no requirement to purchase our Heroic Knowledge Base plugin separately, as any required plugins and features to replicate the theme demo are packaged with the download.

Note that the purchase price does not include any custom development or assistance with third party plugins, please refer to HeroThemes Support Policy for details.

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