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Updating your Theme or Plugin

HeroThemes products purchased on, can be updated automatically via the WordPress admin panel providing you have activated a valid license key for your site.

If you have an older theme, or have purchased a HeroThemes item from ThemeForest, you’ll need to follow the upgrade documentation for your theme. The HelpGuru upgrade documentation describes the process for HelpGuru

Activate your Theme or Plugin License

To activate or check the license status of a theme (eg. KnowAll), from your WordPress dashboard select the Appearance > Theme License option. From there enter the theme license key contained in your purchase email from HeroThemes. Your theme license key can also be found in the Licenses section of Your HeroThemes Account.

To activate or check the license status of the standalone plugin from your WordPress dashboard select the Knowledge Base > Settings and then click the License and Updates tab. From there enter the plugin license key contained in your purchase email. Your plugin license key can also be found in the Licenses section of Your HeroThemes Account.  You do not need to activate the plugin when packaged with the KnowAll theme as the theme manages the updates.

You may only activate the number of sites specified in your license. You can manage your active sites at any time from Your HeroThemes Account.

Auto Update a Theme or Plugin

You can check the changelogs before updating by viewing our dedicated HeroThemes changelogs page to see what’s new.

With the theme license activated you can check if a theme update is available from the Appearance > Themes list. A banner will display New version available on the theme’s tile if an update is available. Click the update now link to update the theme. The theme will be updated automatically.

If the theme comes packaged with plugins that also need updating, check this from the Appearance > Update Plugins menu. If this menu is not available, the plugins have been updated automatically or no update is required.

With the plugin license activated you can check if a plugin update is available from the Plugins > Installed Plugins list. A message will be displayed next to the HeroThemes plugin if an update is available. You can view the changelog or click update now to automatically update the plugin.

Manually Update a Theme or Plugin

If you’re unable to use the automated mechanism, it’s possible to update your theme or plugin using the method below.

Log in to Your HeroThemes Account and select the Downloads tab. Select the relevant theme or plugin download file.

Next, make sure you have an appropriate backup of your site. If done correctly, no settings or content will change, but it’s important to backup in the case things go wrong. It is recommended that you rename the folder your are replacing on your server to append -old to the folder name, that way you can quickly revert any changes if the update does not work.

Unzip the theme or plugin to a convenient place on your computer. Then, using an FTP program, upload the unzipped theme or plugin to the relevant folder in your WordPress installation. For themes place the updated theme folder in wp-content/themes/ and for plugins place the updated plugin folder in wp-content/plugins/

After updating you may need to disable the plugin (or switch themes) and then activate the plugin or theme again to ensure any update routines are run correctly.


If you have any issues with automatic update, first try logging out and then back into your WordPress installation. Check your theme or plugin license is active with the steps described above. Finally, submit a support ticket if you continue to experience any issues

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