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Getting Started

To install the theme you must have WordPress already installed on your server. Please consult the WordPress installation guide or your web host provider for help with this.

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Theme Installation

Update Note: If you are upgrading from a previous version of the theme, please ensure you read the separate Theme Upgrade documentation to ensure a successful upgrade.

You can install the theme in two ways:

  • WordPress Upload: In the WordPress admin panel navigate to Appearance > Add New Themes > Upload. Go to browse and select the zipped theme folder. Press install now and the theme will be uploaded and installed. This will be or similar. It is not the zip file, if you only have this file, you will need to extract the first.
  • FTP Upload: Using your FTP program upload the un-zipped theme folder into the /wp-content/themes/ folder of your WordPress installation.

Once the theme is uploaded, you need to activate it. Go to Appearance > Themes and activate your theme.

Share installation screen

Theme installation and activation from the WordPress Admin > Appearance page

Home/Blog Page Setup

Set the reading settings, the front page displays the latest posts. Go to Settings > Reading and set the settings like this:

Share reading section
Share reading section

 Using Post Formats

This theme is designed to work post formats, which changes the look of a post depending on what format is chosen – from galleries to videos and quotes, making presenting mixed media posts simple.

Using post formats is simple, when you go to Posts > Add New  or open an existing post in editing mode, look for the Format box on the right of the editing window.  Depending on what format is selected, an additional entry box will appear beneath the post content editor.
Share post format section

Standard Format

The standard post format is best for straightforward posts. No additional options are required.

Aside Format

An aside format is content displayed without a title. Designed for short blocks of texts that you want to display in the main archive view.

Share aside format

Galleries focus on a collection of images. You can add, remove and reorder image in a gallery. The theme presents your images beautifully using the gallery post format.
Share gallery format 1Share gallery format 2

When you want to focus on a single link, use the link post format. This allows you to promote links on your site.

Share link format 2

Share link format 1

Image Format

For a single image, use the image post format. Upload your image as the featured image and it will appear more prominently in your post.
Share image post format 1Share image post format 2

Quote Format

The quote format allows you to cite a short quote and attribution.

Share quote post format 1Share quote post format 2

Status Format

Embed a twitter status in a post with the quote post format.

Share status post format 1Share status post format 2

Video Format

Include a video with the video post format. Either an uploaded video from your site or an embedded video from YouTube or Vimeo.
Share video post format 1Share video post format 2

Audio Format

Embed music with the audio post format.
Share audio post format Share audio post format 2

 Customizer Settings

You can customize various visual aspects of the theme using the WordPress Live Customizer. Go to Appearance > Customize. Take some time to take a look through the options and customize them for your site.

Header Options

  • Site Title – The title for your site
  • Tagline  – A tagline for your site
  • Site Logo – Add a custom logo, recommended size is 200px wide and 55px tall.
  • Sticky Header – whether the header navigation collapses on scroll
  • Site Copyright – Enter your site copyright message

Styling Options

  • Link Color (Hover) – Select using this color picker
  • Link Color – Select using this color picker

Header Image

  • Upload Image – upload image to hero header
  • Primary Navigation – select the menu you want to use for the main navigation, these can be created or edited from Appearance > Menus.


  • Widgets Shown – add/edit widgets from the live customizer. These can also be controlled from Appearance > Widgets.

 Custom Menus

To setup your custom menus, navigate to Appearance > Menus. Give your menu a name and build it up using the available widgets. You can add a variety of items including pages, categories, custom links. To extend the available widgets, click the screen options tab at the very top of the screen and configure your options.

Once you have built and saved your menu, simply select the theme location using the widget on the left.



This theme features several Widgetized areas, which you can drag ‘n’ drop widget items to show snippets of content in areas such as headers, sidebars and footers using the WordPress widget manager which can be accessed from Appearance > Widgets.

The widgetized areas include the default sidebar and footer widgets 1-3.

Widget availability may depend on what plugins are installed and activated.
Share widget screen

An example of how the widgets are configured in the demo

The theme supports the use of featured images. The theme supports auto-resizing of the featured images. Auto-resizing will only occur however when the image is uploaded for the first time, images that have previously been uploaded will not be resized. You can however use the following plugin to regenerate the thumbnails:

To upload a post thumbnail, go to Posts > Add New  or open an existing post in editing mode. Locate the Featured Image module and click the Set featured image link.

Clicking the link will open up the usual WordPress image uploader where you will upload your image. Simply make sure that it is either the same size or larger than what the final thumbnail will be. Once you’re done uploading the image, simply click the link that says “Set Featured Image”, which is next to the button to insert it into the post.

For more on how to use the WordPress’ Post Thumbnail feature you can view this article –

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