Heroic Insider – March 2020

By Disha Sharma

Thousands of businesses power their self-support channels (knowledge bases, FAQs, and documentation) with our products. 

Just like any other lean team supporting so many customers (while also looking at ambitious growth goals), even we’re constantly exploring tools to help us do more.

Today we’re sharing with you two that have let us streamline our support and sales processes. But before that, here are two quick reads from our blog that will help you maximize your WordPress website.

Here goes…

From Our Blog

How To Password Protect Your Entire WordPress Site For Free

Sometimes all you need to build an internal knowledge base (that can win back 19% of your employees’ workweek) is to put all your support content in a new “internal knowledge base” category and password-protect the category. That’s it! Here are all the tools you need for this.

7 Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins

If you’re looking to build a passive income channel, signing up as an Amazon affiliate could be a good starting point. Here are a few of the best plugins that will help you link to Amazon’s products from your website and earn a share every time someone uses them to make a purchase.

On Providing Customer Support and Developing Support Content

How HeroThemes Achieved a 22.1 Percent Abandoned Cart Recovery Rate and More Repeat Customers with Jilt

Customers don’t always need discounts or incentives to complete a purchase. At HeroThemes, we redeemed  one of every four of our abandoned purchase instances without being “salesly.” We did this using Jilt’s abandoned cart recovery emails and by focusing on being helpful rather than trying to make an offer. Here’s the full scoop. (Oh, and we also increased repeat purchases.)

Streamlining Your Support Process – How HeroThemes Uses Gravity Forms How HeroThemes

At HeroThemes, Gravity Forms powers our support contact form. Every time a customer starts filling out the form, we’re able to use the keywords from the form’s fields and suggest relevant knowledge base articles that offer instant help. A whopping 30% of customers get the support they need right away via the suggested support content. In short: Gravity Forms + Heroic Knowledge Base = Happier Customers & Fewer tickets. Read the full story here.

WordPress News

WordPress 5.4 + Gutenberg 7.5

WordPress 5.4 that’s slated for a March release (with the beta version available already) will ship with Gutenberg 7.5. If you’re still on the classic editor, trying this version of the Gutenberg editor when it’s available will tell you if it’s indeed ready for you. Anyway, the Gutenberg editor is set to become the default editor when WordPress ends the official support for the classic editor this year.

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