Heroic Insider – April 2020

By Disha Sharma

No business is immune to external developments…

As an unprecedented number of businesses and communities go into lock-down we take a look at the tools that can help business and societal  continuity.

We also look at how knowledge-sharing helps. It replaces panic with preparedness.

And an internal knowledge base is all you need to facilitate such knowledge-sharing across your company. It doesn’t just work as an effective crisis management solution but also keeps your employees more productive as they go about their day-to-day work.

Today we’re sharing with you tools and resources that will help you add one to your WordPress website super-fast.

Here goes…

From Our Blog

10 Best Remote Working Tools & Software + Tips

A thorough walkthrough of how to take your company remote and set up a virtual office that moves work forward and keeps you and your employees their productive best. Use this handy guide packed with tips and a rundown of 10 tools for the remote office.

How To Add A Glossary To WordPress (for free)

A tutorial on how to plan and add a glossary to your WordPress website. Think of this as the foundational step you need to take to build a better help center (or simply for writing consistent support docs) as it standardizes terms and offers quick help to your content creators (technical writers, developers, support staff, etc.).

Oh, and we just launched a slick, new glossary plugin for WordPress. DOWNLOAD it for FREE here.

On Providing Customer Support and Developing Support Content

10 Best WordPress Documentation & Knowledge Base Plugins (2020)

A roundup of the best knowledge base and documentation WordPress plugins to help you build knowledge bases that work at the frontline of your internal and customer support and care operations (and make help available instantly to all!).

Finding The Time To Write Software Documentation In A Busy Startup

A primer on how to get even your busiest team members to contribute to your help center and bulk up your tier zero support. (Did you know you could need about three types of documentation to cover everyone on your product or service?)

WordPress News

The International WordPress Community and WordCamps Amid COVID-19

A bulletin updating you on how WordCamps and meetups are getting rescheduled (or canceled) to keep the WordPress community safe.

On another note, Gutenberg 7.7 was released. Along with a refreshing UI and other enhancements, it introduces block patterns. A block pattern is like a collection of blocks in a certain layout – for example, a hero area block pattern with an image, headline, text, and a button.

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