Heroic Insider – September 2020

By Disha Sharma

If you want to reduce your support costs, you need to shift left.

Shifting left — an idea that comes from the IT service model but applies to EVERY business — means moving leftward toward tier zero support where knowledge bases help most customers help themselves.

For most businesses, this means solving support instances for as little as $.25!

Today’s resources offer all you need to make the move!

Here goes…

From Our Blog

What Is Knowledge Sharing And Why It’s Important For Businesses?

At the heart of tier zero support lies the idea of knowledge sharing. When you share knowledge about how your product works and how its most common issues are resolved, you empower your customers to help themselves. About 66% of customers prefer this service style… and it can slash around 30% of live support ticket volume — a win-win.

5 Best Knowledge Management Systems For Building All Types Of KMSes

Your knowledge sharing is only as good as the knowledge management system that powers it. From support for dozens of resources right from installation documentation to troubleshooting guides, excellent search functionalities to feedback mechanisms, there are many things a KMS needs to do. Here are five options that get these right.

On Providing Customer Support and Developing Support Content

How to Make, Manage, and Maintain Web Self-Service

Once you’ve worked through basic knowledge management, you’re ready to offer web self-service options to your customers. Here are the exact steps you need to follow to use your knowledge to power stellar web self-service channels.

The Online Self-Service Portal Journey

Here’s a zoomed-in look at the web self-service maturity framework packed with practical ideas for implementing excellent self-service at each level. (There’s no reason really why you shouldn’t be at level 1 already!)

WordPress News

WordPress to Support PHP 5.6 for a While Longer

Support for PHP 5.6 was supposed to end with WordPress 5.6 (due for release this year). However it will continue to be supported for a little longer, so you still have time to upgrade (if you haven’t already).

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