Heroic Insider – September 2019

By Disha Sharma

Here’s some newsy news: Automattic has acquired Zero BS CRM, the top WordPress-based CRM solution.

This story makes us doubly happy because not only is Zero BS CRM an amazing CRM solution that brings your entire sales pipeline right inside your WordPress dashboard, but it’s also a happy and long-time KnowAll user.

Kudos to Mike and Woody for the acquisition! We’re thrilled to have supported you as you scaled your business.

Find out in today’s leading story how this awesome company supported thousands of its active users with just a lean team (of two co-founders!).

Here goes…

From Our Blog

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Discover how this WordPress-based CRM solution chose to go with a WordPress-based knowledge base solution (KnowAll) to support its growing user base while still staying a two-person team.

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On Providing Customer Support and Developing Support Content

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WordPress News

WordPress Poised to Begin Implementing Proposal to Auto-Update Older Sites to 4.7

As millions of websites continue to run older WordPress versions – with about 2M websites still running 3.7! – WordPress contributors are discussing rolling out auto-updates. If this gets a consensus, websites running older versions would be automatically updated to version 4.7, without seeking explicit consent from the owners. On a sidenote, WordPress 5.3 development kicks off!

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