Heroic Insider – September 2017

By Disha Sharma

As a company adds more features, add-ons, or products, its customer support requests shoot up. Obviously, users get curious about the new developments.

The solution in such cases, of course, isn’t adding new “Documentation & Troubleshooting” pages for each enhancement … because that would mean reducing the business website to an extended manual, right?

Barn2Media – a top-tier WordPress design/development agency-turned-plugin company – experienced a similar surge in its support requests as it added more products (and users!).

Read today’s leading story to find out how switching to Heroic Knowledge Base (our best-selling WordPress knowledge base solution) helped Barn2Media handle its ever-so-increasing user queries and also reduce its effort for answering them.

Here goes…

From Our Blog

[Case Study] How Barn2Media uses Heroic Knowledge Base to support their customers as a small team

Find out why Barn2Media chose Heroic Knowledge Base over solutions like HelpScout and Zendesk to power its knowledge base. Also, learn how this creative agency benefited from moving away from its one-page-documentation to a full-blown knowledge base with smart search features with Heroic Knowledge Base.

5 Best Live Chat Plugins to Complement Your Knowledge Base

About 42% customers prefer live chat over other support means. Which means you must add a live chat widget to your support toolkit. To help you find your ideal live chat tool/service, we’ve put together this exhaustive guide comparing the top 5 WordPress-friendly live chat tools.


On Providing Customer Support and Developing Support Content

ROI of Customer Service: How Much Is Good Support Really Worth?

Just like any other marketing channel, a user-friendly support too brings more business for a company. To measure your support’s ROI, start looking for more trial-to-paid upgrades or renewals that can be directly attributed to the support team. Learn the exact steps in this post. Also, sign up to download a copy of the “ROI hypothesis baseline document”.

Design Your Knowledge Base Like a Product

At HeroThemes, we’ve always believed that design, data, content, and usefulness are the 4 keys to building a great knowledge base(that users actually use!). Looks like the author here was reading our mind. Discover how you can apply these principles to your knowledge base and improve its performance.

(By the way, for a Knowledge base solution that ticks all the boxes, check out Heroic Knowledge Base.)

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