Heroic Insider – October 2019

By Disha Sharma

If you ask us what’s the one place you NEED to be, especially if you run a WordPress business, we’d say PressNomics. Hosted by the Pagely, the dedicated WordPress hosting provider, PressNomics is “the conference for those that power the WordPress economy.

With a reputation for developing the most popular and proven customer service products for WordPress (KnowAll, Heroic Knowledge Base, and Heroic FAQs among others), HeroThemes made the trip to attend PN6.

PressNomics is an opportunity to connect with business owners that leverage WordPress to share the secrets of success. And, of course, we caught up with the teams and leaders of some of the biggest WordPress businesses along the way.

Is it worth it? Check out today’s leading story to find out and read our inside scoop on this power-packed WordPress conference!

Here goes…

From Our Blog

PressNomics 6 – A HeroThemes Retrospective

What happens when you get over 150 of the best developers, business owners, industry experts and CEOs from the WordPress industry in one room? You have PressNomics… and meet some delighted HeroTheme’s customers too.

Now in it’s 6th incarnation, PN6 sets the bar as one of the leading professional WordPress conferences in the world. Read our highlights from the event, covering the best bits from the talks, find out what people inside the industry are saying and news from the social events.

What’s the Best WordPress Migration Plugin? 4 Plugins Compared Hands-On in 2019

Migrating a website is no small task. You could break your URLs, lose your content, or even get locked out of your own website. But these amazing (and free) WordPress migration plugins make the process of moving hosts as easy as one-two-three. Check them out if you’re tired of the downtime, slow speeds, or simply the horrible support you get from your current web host!

On Providing Customer Support and Developing Support Content

Building Help Content into Your Product Launch

Whether you’re launching a new product or releasing a new feature or simply making routine updates, some questions — as this writer rightly puts — “are as certain as death and taxes.” Here’s where creating the right support content that answers them and saves your support resources for the more demanding tickets helps. Learn all that’s there to creating such help content in this post. (You could use these tips for creating documentation for your existing products too.)

How to Deal With Angry Customers: Examples, Research, and Field-Proven Best Practices

Learn everything about the “service recovery paradox” and convert even your angriest customers into your most loyal ones with this thorough guide. Whether your customers are upset because of an outage or simply dissatisfied with their one-on-one support experience, there’s a way to deal with them all.

WordPress News

Gutenberg 6.5 Adds Experimental Block Directory Search to Inserter and New Social Links Block

Gutenberg 6.5 is here! This release introduces a slick search functionality to the block editor that lets you quickly look up for the blocks from the library to add to your website. Among other improvements, Gutenberg 6.5 also brings a shiny new social links block that you could use to add social sharing links anywhere within your content, and support for local autosaves.

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