Heroic Insider – October 2017

By Disha Sharma

Did you get a chance to check out Heroic FAQs – our brand new Frequently Asked Questions management solution for WordPress?

Well, if not, do so now because it will help you serve your customers better and faster, and also save you precious support hours.

Top WordPress consultant, CJ Andrew had this to say about Heroic FAQs:

“Heroic FAQs offers a ground-breaking approach to FAQ content management. As someone who crafts online storefronts and transactional websites, I know the value of displaying FAQs to help answer common pre-sales questions.

HeroThemes have given us all a game-changing advantage here. Bravo!”

So check out Heroic FAQs and these fantastic reads from the last month.

From Our Blog

Say Hello to Heroic FAQs

If you still use your WordPress theme’s default FAQ page to power your website’s FAQs, it’s time to switch… because your FAQs—which are some of the most strategic content pieces in your customer support mix—deserve a complete solution of their own. And we’ve just built it: Heroic FAQs. Heroic FAQs offers the most user (and admin) friendly and intelligent way to create and access FAQ content.

15 Actionable Customer Service Statistics You Should Know in 2017

Did you know that 81% of US adults used a FAQ or knowledge base on a company’s website? This is true for your business website too – but are you prepared for it? The thing with offering great customer support is that you need to understand your customer’s expectations and preferences. Instead of assuming them, you need to use data. So here are 15 facts you must know about customer service and data-backed insights you can use for each.

On Providing Customer Support and Developing Support Content

Scaling Customer Service as Your Startup Grows

Ever read one of those articles on building (and scaling) support teams that leave you with absolutely zero insights? Well, we know there are just far too many of those to miss. In fact, that’s why we had to add this customer service scaling playbook to our newsletter. Here, Michael Redbord (Vice President of Services & Support at HubSpot) shows you how you can actually plan your support team based on your company size and the different things you must (or must not) do at each level.

How to Improve Your Customer Service Metrics

Learn how you can improve your customer service metrics like Ticket Volume, Backlog, Resolution Rate, Average Reply Time and more in this excellent read. For each metric, you get a set of action items that you can just check off one by one and be well on your way to wow your customers.

WordPress News

WordPress 4.8.2 Patches Eight Security Vulnerabilities

If you haven’t updated your website to WordPress 4.8.2, do so now. WordPress 4.8.2 fixes eight security vulnerabilities, adds more security against SQL attacks and fixes six other issues.

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