Heroic Insider – November 2017

By Disha Sharma

Support for integrations and use cases — these are two of the most common user queries every SaaS company gets.

When WP Simple Pay, a popular Stripe payment integration WordPress plugin, continued getting the same integration and use cases queries from their users (despite offering all the information in blog posts), they decided to resolve the situation once and for all. Read today’s feature story to find out how WP Simple Pay handles their most repetitive user questions.

Here goes…

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[Case Study] How WP Simple Pay Increased Article Success by 44%

Learn how WP Simple Pay uses KnowAll—our complete Knowledge Base solution—to reduce their support tickets for their most common user questions. Also, see how they use KnowAll’s inbuilt analytics to improve the quality of their support content. How does your knowledge base compare?

We’re proud KnowAll is working so well for WP Simple Pay. “It seems like the volume of initial customer support requests have been gradually going down since we’ve implemented KnowAll and have been consistently adding content.

In addition, we tend to have shorter replies as we simply use more and more links to articles on our docs site.” — Phil Derksen (WP Simple Pay Founder)

Check out KnowAll’s demo here.

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