Heroic Insider – May 2020

By Disha Sharma

Having a customer support frontline defense — comprising channels like documentation, knowledge bases, forums, etc. — doesn’t just deflect tickets away from your support team all the time… but also saves you from support crisis in the more difficult times like these.

So if you still don’t have your tier 0 support system in place or if it’s not ready to handle the increased influx, now is the time to level up. We’ve got all the tools and resources you need to do the same in today’s edition!

Here goes…

From Our Blog

10 Best WordPress Documentation Themes

A roundup of the top WordPress documentation themes shining the spotlight on what makes each unique. From themes with advanced features like engagement tracking and analytics to the multi-purpose ones that support a range of self-service options and the simpler alternatives that do the job on the budget – there’s a pick that’s right for you in this list!

8 Best BuddyPress Themes for WordPress

A list of the top BuddyPress themes that you can use to add a forum (COMMUNITY) to your WordPress website and “crowdsource” support. Along with the unique features of each listing, also learn IF it’s the right one for you.

On Providing Customer Support and Developing Support Content

What You Can Do In One Hour to Enhance Your Self-Service

An action plan with quick items that will help you reinforce your self-service support channels for these challenging times. They’ll instantly set you up to offer better support faster — that, too, while saving your resources for issues that need real “human” attention.

Creating Knowledge Base Videos: Tips, Tools, and Examples

A bootcamp in support video content creation explaining the best use cases of video when it comes to building rich help centers. Learn tactics to produce slick “follow-along-with-me” support content, product walkthroughs, feature overviews and more.

WordPress News

The Road Ahead: What’s in Store for WordPress for the Rest of 2020?

Here’s a peek into the future of WordPress — Automatic updates for everything (themes, plugins, and the core), a new (block-based?) theme Twenty Twenty-One, lazy loading of images and more!

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