Heroic Insider – May 2018

By Disha Sharma

Did you know that your employees spend about 1.6 hours of their workday simply looking for information to get their job done?

They usually find this information after scouring several GB of your cloud storage doc dumps. Or … by tapping their colleague “help channels.”

Of course, there’s a better way to go about it.

It’s called: an INTERNAL knowledge base.

Find out in today’s leading story how Scribbr (the 5th fastest-growing tech company in the Netherlands) uses an internal knowledge base to make their 30 employees and 400+ freelancers become their productive best.

Here goes…

From Our Blog

How Scribbr boosted productivity with an internal knowledge base

Discover how the folks at Scribbr solved their “undocumented knowledge problem” with a living, breathing internal knowledge base (powered by KnowAll) that handles all their employees/contractors’ learning needs. Koen Driessen, the co-founder of Scribbr, tells how the new staff can now “easily start working, and they all know where to find answers to complicated questions.

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WordPress News

Plugins Hosted on WordPress.org Can No Longer Guarantee Legal Compliance

Because “no plugin in and of itself can provide legal compliance,” the WordPress plugin review team has amended a guideline applying to plugins that offer legal compliance to websites on policies like ADA, GDPR, EU Cookie Law, VAT, HIPPA, PCI,etc. Whether you use any such plugins or not, double check your website for the latest compliance requirements and make sure you’re safe from legal disputes.

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