Heroic Insider – March 2019

By Disha Sharma

As with any other business operation, customer service can also be improved by looking at data.

But what should this data be?

Well, when it comes to customer service, there are two types of metrics that matter: the ones that show the performance of your team and support channels, and those that show your customers’ satisfaction.

And if you’re overwhelmed with the hundreds of support metrics out there, we can help! Just check out our list of the top customer service metrics from our blog.

Here goes…

From Our Blog

10 Customer Service Metrics That Actually Generate Actionable Insights

Here are the only ten customer service metrics you must optimize for offering your customers your best possible support. In addition to the metrics, also learn the story they tell and the caveats you must keep in mind when picking them as your KPIs.

How To Add A WordPress Click To Call Button On Your Website

While getting on a call with your support staff might not be the “most preferred” option for most of your customers, it’s still popular with some. And sometimes, it’s indeed the fastest and the best option to resolving an issue. Here are a few great ways to enable your users to call you with a single click!

On Providing Customer Support and Developing Support Content

5 Trends to Uncover in Your Customer Service Data

What are the trends you should be looking to identify in all the customer service data you collect? Find the answers in this quick read. Every trend you spot — whether it’s a decline in the CSAT score or a spike in tickets — can help you form proactive strategies to improve your service quality.

How to Create a Successful Customer Service Philosophy 

One of the surest ways to standardize support across your company and to consistently deliver excellent customer care is to build a customer service philosophy. And this in-depth tutorial shows you the exact steps you need to take to create one.

WordPress News

Gutenberg Blocks Design Library Offers Pre-Built Page Designs Using Existing Core Blocks

Looks like there’s a lot of progress on Phase 2 of the Gutenberg project. From new blocks for adding schema-enabled reviews and RSS feeds to a shiny new Gutenberg plugin that unlocks 50 different page design elements (such as call-to-action sections, team member listings, testimonials, contact page layouts and more), Gutenberg seems to be getting better with each update!

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