Heroic Insider – June 2020

By Disha Sharma

Customers — potential, new, or existing — experience several touchpoints with a business’s sales and support resources (often crisscrossing the lines that separate the two).

A ping from a live chat on your homepage answered by your support team becomes a lead for your sales team. Likewise, a support issue escalation from a key account with the sales team becomes a priority for the support and success team. And so on.

Therefore getting your sales and support teams to work together is critical, especially now with new deals getting postponed and retention prioritized.

If you haven’t already got these two to work together at your company, now’s a good time. And today’s tools and resources will help you get this just right!

Here goes…

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WordPress CRM: Best Plugins For Turning WordPress Into A CRM

A CRM tool tracks every interaction a lead or customer has with a business and makes it available to both the sales and support people (so they can offer seamless experiences). And WordPress CRM solutions bring all of this right to your WordPress dashboard. Also, everyone gets access to the CRM dashboard for a single fee (or for free!) instead of the common SaaS per user per month pricing.

5 Best WordPress Form Builder Plugins Compared

Most CRM plugins let you build customized forms to add to your website. While their form functionality is good for lead generation, it can seem limiting when you want to build forms for specific purposes like creating your customer support forms. In these cases, you need “proper” form plugins like this list recommends.

On Providing Customer Support and Developing Support Content

KPIs and Business Practices in the Time of Coronavirus

In the face of what’s going on right now, you may have probably realized that the customer support performance standards you set at the start of the year don’t hold anymore. Here’s how to revisit them.

Until the Sun Shines Again, Stay Close to Your Customers and Do Right by Your Sales Reps

A compelling read on how you can put people first — both your customers and employees — and build win-win relationships. From prioritizing connecting with existing customers to reducing your sales reps’ targets and checking in on their mental and emotional state, here are a few practices that can make all the difference.

WordPress News

BuddyPress 6.0.0 is Here!

Version 6.0.0. is the first major update to happen to BuddyPress since November 2019! And it’s indeed a big one that introduces blocks to this popular community plugin powering 200,000+ communities. Oh, and Gutenberg 8.1 is also live bringing two dozen bug fixes and an equal number of enhancements including the block copying feature.

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