Heroic Insider – June 2018

By Disha Sharma

Did you know that the use of online forums/communities jumped from 31% in 2012 to 56% in 2015?

In fact, just like FAQs and knowledge bases, forums are also a top-rated self-service channel.

But many business websites don’t have a forum. “FACEBOOK GROUPS” are their forums.

Now, of course, this isn’t the best way to go about it. Read the latest post from our blog where we talk about support forums and compare the top WordPress forum plugins.

Here goes…

From Our Blog

What Is The Best WordPress Forum Plugin? 5 Options Compared

Forget Facebook groups and add a REAL support forum to your website. Adding a forum will help you uncover the needs of your users,  develop support content addressing them, and make help available instantly. Click through to find out how the top five WordPress forum plugins stack up against each other.

On Providing Customer Support and Developing Support Content

Sorry Shouldn’t Mean “Too Bad”

Every business has users complaining about a few select issues — for example, the lack of a feature or an additional fee or an unfriendly functionality. Learn how to identify and eliminate such “ugly surprises” in this article by customer support expert Shep Hyken.

A Customer Service Training Example From Four Seasons Hotels: Working With An Upset Customer

In this quick read, customer service influencer Micah Solomon shares an exchange between an unhappy customer and a manager at Four Seasons. Read on and uncover the key element you can use to launch your customer service recovery. Also, find more about the “only perspective” that matters when offering customer support.

WordPress News

WordPress 4.9.6 is out!

WordPress 4.9.6 — a GDPR-friendly WordPress version — is here. WordPress 4.9.6 lets website owners offer their users more control over their data. It comes packed with powerful privacy enhancements like a Privacy Policy page template and a data erasure feature. If you haven’t updated yet, do so now.

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