Heroic Insider – July 2018

By Disha Sharma

When it comes to creating easy to read and follow help center content, few formatting tools work as good as tables. 

Tables offer simple but effective formatting to present a host of information in your support content — right from pricing plans and default settings to standard specifications.

With tables, you don’t just make your content easier to read but also make it easier to follow. Today we’re sharing with you the top WordPress table plugins for your website to make your help docs more readable.

Here goes…

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What Is The Best WordPress Table Plugin? 4 Options Compared

Here’s our list of the top WordPress table plugins for your website. Just pick one and make your self-service content more reader-friendly.

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While WordPress leads the CMS space, sometimes there might be a reason to look beyond it. One good WordPress alternative is Drupal. Find out how Drupal compares with WordPress on points like security, functionality, costs, community and support and more in our latest article.

On Providing Customer Support and Developing Support Content

Providing Support on Multiple Channels in Multiple Languages

Hiring native support agents to serve multilingual users or creating support content in multiple languages is no easy task. But this quick read will tell you exactly how to approach a multilingual customer experience and pick the best channels, languages, and content to use in your multilingual support strategy. The result? Higher customer satisfaction and more profits.

Our leading WordPress knowledge base theme (KnowAll), knowledge base plugin (Heroic Knowledge Base), and  WordPress FAQs solution (Heroic FAQs) support multilingual support content. Check them out if you have a multilingual user base.

Taking Your Customer Service from Cost Center to Profit Center

Discover how a company generated much more business from customers who had a positive problem resolution experience as compared to the customers who didn’t experience a problem at all or received unsatisfactory resolutions. Customer satisfaction and loyalty expert John Larson makes an excellent point of viewing customer service as a profit-making process rather than an operational cost.

WordPress News

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In his keynote at WordCamp Europe, WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg talked about how Gutenberg would bring “blocks” and a whole new drag-and-drop experience to the WordPress editor. Learn more about the upcoming editing experience overhaul and more in Mullenweg’s talk. Also, don’t miss the excellent session by Yoast’s Marieke van de Rakt’s talk on improving your website’s internal linking structure (and SEO). It’s like a mini boot camp in on-site SEO — don’t miss.

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