Heroic Insider – July 2017

By Disha Sharma

Users often get frustrated when they refer to your knowledge base content and find outdated screenshots and instructions. So if you’ve revamped your product recently, go back to your documentation and update it.

With that tip, here’s another batch of some awesome reads from the last month.

From Our Blog

How to Audit Your Knowledge Base to Keep it Running Smoothly

Learn how you can audit and revise your self-service content and resolve support issues for as little as $0.10 or less. To start with, look out for any outdated terminology, instructions, and screenshots.

4 Steps to Create Your Knowledge Base Content Plan

The way a knowledge base works is simple: Search for the solution – View results – Read article – Resolve the issue. However, organizing and implementing a knowledge base so it works so smoothly is the real challenge. But it’s possible with a detailed content plan – find out how you can create one with the simple 4-step process this post explains.

3 Best FAQ Plugins to Complement Your Knowledge Base

Explore your top 3 FREE plugin choices for adding FAQs to your WordPress site. Also, learn about the features that make a great FAQ solution.

(Of course, you should also check out popular FAQ and knowledge base theme, KnowAll. Find out how When I Work’s David Braasch uses it to support their customers  : “This is exactly what I would build if we were going to create a Help Center theme from scratch.” When I Work serves 50,000+ customers!)

How to Write Frequently Asked Questions

Framing the questions correctly is the first step to creating effective FAQs. Learn 3 practical tips to improve your questions and get more users to find their desired answers. Applying tip #1 alone will instantly improve your FAQs.

On Providing Customer Support and Developing Support Content

27 Experts Discuss Key Customer Support Metrics That Drive Growth

At HeroThemes, we’re big fans of measuring our customer support performance. In fact, features for accurately measuring the performance of support content are baked into all our products. But if you aren’t measuring your support efforts yet (or are looking for better ways to do so), check out the tons of measurable and meaningful customer support metrics these 27 experts recommend.

Customer service tip: Check your light bulbs

Expert consultant George Aveling explains why companies need to first focus on “getting the basics right” before “doing the little extra things”. Aveling says: “Every business has lots of examples of “light bulbs” – the basics that won’t “wow” the customer, but are essential to maintaining customer trust.” A must-read to discover your business light bulbs!

How to use checklists to improve customer support

Here’s Intercom’s 6 point checklist for improving customer support. From ensuring that you get the question right to making sure that the customer feels delighted as your support interaction ends, this checklist has got you covered.

How chatbots are pumping up customer service

Adding chatbots to your customer support mix might look like a huge step, but it certainly has great returns! In this article, TheNextWeb author Lauren Gilmore explains how chatbots can help your users with simple, quick-response needs and save your customer service staff’s time to focus on the more complex and involved support interactions.

And Here’s What’s Brewing in The WordPress Community

WordPress 4.8 “Evans” Released

WordPress 4.8 introduces 3 cool widgets that let you add images, videos, and audio files to your website’s sidebar or footer (or to any other widgetized area of your theme). This version also makes it easy to adjust the anchor texts of links in the visual editor. Update your WordPress website now!

Setting up and testing AMP for WordPress: A quick 7-step guide

AMPs (or Accelerated Mobile Pages) typically load 15-80 percent faster than standard mobile pages. If you haven’t setup AMPs for your WordPress website yet, use the step-by-step instructions from this guide and create a blazing-fast mobile experience for your users.

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