Heroic Insider – January 2020

By Disha Sharma

Did you know that you could drop your live support volume by a whopping 40% this new year simply by adding self-service channels to your customer support mix?

Not just that, doing so will also help you cater better to the majority of your customers who are entering 2020 with the “Do it myself” mindset.

And all you need for all of this are the right self-service channels like a knowledge base, forum, and FAQs.

Up for it? We’ve got just the right tools for you today!

Here goes…

From Our Blog

5 Best Knowledge Base Software Compared (Pros & Cons)

For most companies, adding a subdomain like helpcenter.domain.com suffices. But for others, it might just be a starting point. A small business might prefer annual billing (with support for multiple users) while an enterprise could accommodate paying per user per month (for 10s of users). So how do you choose a knowledge base solution that’s right for you? Here’s how.

How To Add An Accordion In WordPress (Step-By-Step Guide)

Accordions – or those jazzy collapsible text tabs that expand when you click – are the go-to elements for creating FAQs. The way they work is simple: Users browse through your top X most frequently asked questions and click the one they need answered. And done. No need to go through 1000s of words of Q&As. Here’s how to add these to your website.

On Providing Customer Support and Developing Support Content

3 Practical Ways to Measure Self-Service Success

Did you know that only 9% of users who try self-service channels are able to resolve their issues using them? The majority end up contacting support (also known as a deflection). Here are all the ways you need to monitor your self-service channels so that deflections keep lowering over time.

How to Create a Knowledge Base: Building Self-Service for Customer Support

Setting up a good knowledge base is a time-consuming and involved process. This tutorial breaks it up into 7 easy steps. With tips on structuring a knowledge base right to practical advice on writing really good support articles, this has you covered.

WordPress News

WordPress 5.3.1 Released

WordPress 5.3.1 – a security and maintenance release – is now available. This release patches four security vulnerabilities from the previous version among other bug fixes and enhancements. Gutenberg 7.1 is also here, with several new features and more formatting/customization options along with other developments.

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