Heroic Insider – January 2018

By Disha Sharma

Happy 2018!

We hope you’re already seeing a great start to the new year.

Now, in case you’d recall, last year we published detailed case studies on how our knowledge base management solutions work hard for companies like When I Work, Zero BS CRM, Barn2Media, and WP Simple Pay to reduce the load on their support teams. This looks like a good time to check them out and see if you, too, can bring down your daily ticket volume by improving your knowledge base with these tips below.

Here are our latest reads to make 2018 your best customer service year yet.

From Our Blog

The Ultimate Customer Feedback Email Template + Samples

Acting upon constructive user feedback can take your product from good to great. But for that, you need to know how to get your users to give feedback. Here’s where a simple feedback request email can help. Discover the 6 key ingredients of a winning feedback request email that will get you all the feedback you need.

On Providing Customer Support and Developing Support Content

How to Build a Help Center from Scratch

A help center is one of the most effective self-help support channels a company can have. It’s the preferred support option for a whopping 75% of users, and each self-service support interaction costs just 10 cents or less to the company. If you haven’t implemented a help center on your website yet, check out this step-by-step guide from Intercom. Right from mapping the key customer lifecycle stages to the queries at each stage to picking the most useful help center content types, this guide has you covered. [Asks for email to unlock the full guide.]

And if you’re looking for an easy and SEO-friendly way to add a help center to your WordPress website, check out Heroic Knowledge Base. See the demo here.

Are You Part Of The $62 Billion Loss Due To Poor Customer Service?

An oldie but a goody. In this article, customer service coach Shep Hyken distills the results of an experiment conducted by SuperOffice which involved contacting 500 companies with two support queries. The results, as Hyken explains, show that “[The customer service] bar is low … very low!” Read on to find out these 4 unbelievable customer service fails, and also learn the right way to go about them.

WordPress News

An Introduction to WordPress Security

2017 ended with a popular WordPress Captcha plugin getting compromised and risking 30,000 websites that used it. Unfortunately, such attacks keep happening. But you can ensure your website’s safety with this security guide from Sucuri. It gives the best practices on plugin/theme updates, access control, passwords and much more.

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