Heroic Insider – December 2020

By Disha Sharma

Knowledge is one of those intangible assets of your business that lives inside your people’s heads.

Naturally, accessible only to them.

That probably explains why your employees could be spending about 1.8 hours of their workday merely looking for and gathering work-related information.

What’s more, they fail to find the help they need about 50% of the time, spending another 7–20% of their time reworking information.

Fix this to take back your productivity. Today’s resources help you do just this!

From Our Blog

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WordPress News

Gutenberg 9.4 is Here

Among other enhancements and bug fixes, Gutenberg 9.4 gives you more control over how your website looks. You can now resize buttons easily, use customized formatting for list items, and post social icons in multiple sizes.

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