Heroic Insider – December 2019

By Disha Sharma

As Lewis E. Platt, former CEO at Hewlett-Packard, says: “If HP knew what HP knows, we would be three times more productive.”

Knowledge is indeed your company’s most important asset. Nearly 75% of companies estimate that knowledge sharing and management brings an uptick of about 10-40% in their overall productivity.

If you don’t practice knowledge sharing and management for your business, now might be the best time to start. And today we’ve got just the right tools and tactics to get you started.

Here goes…

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5 Best Knowledge Management Systems (KMSes) For Building All Types Of Knowledge Bases

Here we’re weighing all the considerations you need to keep in mind when choosing a knowledge management solution for your business. So know for sure if you should go with a SaaS KMS provider, a WordPress-based solution, or the one you get bundled with your chat or ticketing software.

How To Manage Your Knowledge Base Efficiently (Strategies & Tools)

An unorganized knowledge base – pretty much like a messy library – makes finding what you need almost impossible. Here’s how to manage your knowledge base like a boss. Also, discover five essentials to use on top of your knowledge base to make it 10X more powerful.

On Providing Customer Support and Developing Support Content

4 Ways to Focus on the Silent Majority — Customers Who Don’t Complain

About 96% of unhappy customers don’t complain… but almost all of them leave (and never return to your company). Here’s Bill Price, Amazon’s first Global VP of Customer Service, sharing four very actionable ways to get this silent majority to speak (and secure your chance at making them stay!).

What Is a Customer Success Manager?

Should your Customer Success Manager (CSM) focus on engaging your customers or on getting those contract renewals? Should they actively sell upgrades or only empower clients to generate value from your solution? And just how many accounts should a CSM handle? Find answers to all these and more in this primer that defines the tricky role of a CSM!

WordPress News

WordPress 5.3 “Kirk” Released, Brings New Default Theme, Editor Improvements, and UI Tweaks

WordPress 5.3 is here! If you haven’t updated already, do so now. A Gutenberg user? You, too, can upgrade to its latest release, version 6.9. Oh, and if you use bbPress to power your website’s forum, check out version 2.6 (the last update happened 6 years ago!).

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