Heroic Insider – August 2020

By Disha Sharma

About nine out of ten companies are looking to invest in the self-service channel.

And why not?

It’s cheaper than all the other support options — $0.10 per contact vs. $8.01 for live support.

And it’s user-friendly too — about 67% of customers would use it over contacting support.

If you still haven’t seriously considered the self-service channel yet, today’s resources should help you make the case.

Here goes…

From Our Blog

15 Actionable Customer Service Statistics You Should Know in 2020

Quite a few companies sadly fall for the “They-Ain’t-Gonna-Read-It” belief and don’t work as well as they should for building good knowledge bases, documentations, FAQs, etc. But six of these fifteen support statistics show that users actually read these.

22 Experts Reveal: The Most Important Factors for Scaling Quality Support

The self-service channel doesn’t just reduce your support costs. It also helps you scale seamlessly. Check out what experts from companies like Automattic have to say about offering great support at scale and the role of the self-service channel in doing so.

On Providing Customer Support and Developing Support Content

Gartner’s Top 10 Ways for Quickly Improving Digital and Self-Service Effectiveness

Gartner shares ten things you could try today and see fewer tickets, offer improved experiences, and lower support costs considerably. Implementing a few will only take minutes. Setting up an alert on the homepage linking to a support article on a pressing support issue, for example.

Today’s Self-Service Is About Empowerment — Not Compromise

The self-service channel is about more than just offering support. Here’s how you can use it to empower your users to overcome the confusion, indecision, and friction they feel at different points in their buying and product journeys with you.

WordPress News

Gutenberg 8.5 is Here!

WordPress 5.5 — all set to release on the 11th of August — will come shipped with Gutenberg 8.5. Packed with dozens of enhancements, the latest Gutenberg edition offers improved drag&drop functionality for rearranging blocks, easy image uploading and editing, and reusable blocks among others.

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