Heroic Insider – August 2019

By Disha Sharma

Implementing a knowledge base brings many benefits to a business.

For example, when a hosting provider company set up its knowledge base, it noticed that even for hundreds (1,970+ to be precise!) of views of its knowledge base articles, only three tickets got raised, on average over a week. Get all the details in today’s leading story – a case study with Nodored.

Also, find tips on introducing support changes smoothly and maintaining an always updated knowledge base.

Here goes…

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[Case Study] How Nodored Streamlined Their Customer Support With Heroic KB

Support tickets with questions like “How can I change the password of my cPanel?” “Where do I download my SSL Certificate?” “How to create email accounts?” piled up fast for Nodored, Ecuador’s leading web hosting provider. But stumbling across a website that used our Knowledge Base plugin changed this forever for Nodored. Find out how in this detailed case study.

Medium vs WordPress: Which One Should You Choose? 

Will publishing on Medium let you hack into its readership and grab more eyeballs for your content? Or, is WordPress the safest content platform? As you and you alone own what you create. Get all your Medium vs. WordPress questions answered in this easy teardown.

On Providing Customer Support and Developing Support Content

Mastering Change Management

Changes are challenging, especially when they can affect hundreds of users. And that’s why when companies want to introduce them – for example, launch a new support channel on Slack or move to a new knowledge base solution – they need a strategy that helps them make such transitions with confidence. This article offers some great tips.

Keep It Fresh: Managing a Knowledge Base That Retains Users

Here’s a thorough guide on how your product education team (including your knowledge base contributors) can work in tandem with your development, marketing, and customer success teams to offer an always up-to-date help center to your customers.

WordPress News

New Experimental Plugin Brings the Block Editor to WordPress Comments 

WPTavern featured a really cool WordPress plugin that brings “block editing” to comments. With Block Comments, you can let your commenters express themselves better with “… lists, quotes, code, embeds, headings, pre-formatted text, and other formats, all with Gutenberg’s built in preview.” Check it out.

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