Heroic Insider – April 2017

By Disha Sharma

We have an amazing story for you inside of how one of our customers is using their knowledge base to support thousands of customers in a smart way.

Remember updated support content can save you several tickets each week, so you’ll be able to free up a LOT of your time.

We have some excellent stories for you this month.

From Our Blog

[Case Study] How When I Work supports a growing customer base with limited resources

As a SaaS service powering the working schedules for 500,000+ people, When I Work knew that it couldn’t ever possibly scale up its Customer Care team to answer every question that came up. So it resolved to create remarkable support content.

Here’s where they picked KnowAll for creating a beautiful knowledge base with all this content. Read the full case study to find out how KnowAll takes the pain out of knowledge base content management for When I Work.

Many thanks to David Braasch for this lovely feedback: “This [KnowAll] is exactly what I would build if we were going to create a Help Center theme from scratch”.

How to SEO Optimize Your Knowledge Base (And Why You Need To)

When users have a question about your product, they might not come to your website looking for the answer. Most probably, they’ll just Google it up. Which means you must optimize your support content just like you’d optimize your other blog or website content. Learn all that’s there to doing SEO on support content in this quick read.

How to Make Your Knowledge Base Articles Hungry for Conversions

Many companies fail to see the commercial intent in user queries like “what’s the difference between your free and paid plans”. You know a person looking for this could be someone who’s looking to upgrade. And if you make some conversion-friendly tweaks to your support content, you can win all such engaged prospects. Find out all the tips to make these tweaks in this post.

On Providing Customer Support and Developing Support Content

Getting Started With Customer Support Metrics

At HeroThemes, we’re big believers in tracking support metrics for improving the quality of support. And that’s what this article is all about. It talks about metrics like contact volume by channel, resolution rate, customer happiness and more. Learn what these metrics mean and how monitoring them can take your support from good to fab.

(By the way, our products already track a lot of these metrics for you. Check out the analytics features of the Knowledge Base here.)

How to Write a Perfect Customer Service Auto-Reply Email

When a customer sends a support request, most probably, you just send an automated reply that says you’ve got their message. Right? Well, we’re sorry to break this to you, but by doing so you lose your chance of making a connect with the user. So read this post to discover how you can do some basic rewriting of your auto-reply email and create a stellar first impression on your customer. (There’s also a template you can copy!)

No More Nonpologies: Apologize to Customers Like You Mean It

The most frustrating things to happen in the middle of support mishaps are insincere apologies. You can almost tell when a person apologizes but doesn’t mean it. But this is something you can learn. So “Say You Are Sorry” like you really, really mean it using the simple apology writing hacks this post shares. Get done with smirking, undercutting, and downright oblique apologies right now!

120+ Ready-to-Use Live Chat Scripts for Both Sales and Customer Service

Templates – we just love them! And when they’re so many that cover almost every support interaction that a live chat support agent might need – well, we love them even more! Here’s the most complete swipe file for chat sessions. Read up, copy-paste, and share with your full support staff. Absolute must-read. No more virtual fumbling now.

And Here’s What’s Brewing in The WordPress Community

GitHub Adds Plain English Explanations to License Pages for Open Source Projects

If you use GitHub and open source components in your products, you’ll love this nifty addition to GitHub. Going forward, if a product is licensed under a popular open source license, GitHub will give a short note on its license as well as its permissions, conditions, and limitations, so you can decide if you should/can use it.

Import Your Medium Posts to WordPress.com

A little while ago we had shared the news of Medium laying off a lot of staff. In the same announcement, several changes to the Medium platform were also announced. This has led to many people moving their blogs back to WordPress.com from Medium. This article is for you if you need help with such migrating.

So that’s all for now! Which story did you find the most useful in today’s email? And do you have a story we should check out? Let us know in the comments below.

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