[Case Study] How Banggood Used KnowAll to Halve Bounce Rate & Reduce Support Tickets

By John Hughes

This case study takes a close look at Banggood’s experiences using our KnowAll knowledge base theme. Banggood’s Help Center manager Sunny Rhodes was kind enough to give us the full story about why the company made the switch to KnowAll, and he explained the many ways that having a dedicated knowledge base has reduced their need for other support methods.

Banggood is an online retailer based in China, and has been in business for over a decade. They offer more than 70,000 products in categories as varied as electronics, clothing, and auto parts. With offices and warehouses in several countries, they’re happy to ship these goods almost anywhere in the world.

Naturally, Banggood’s customer base is both large and diverse, and the company receives thousands of queries in multiple languages every day. They’ve experimented with a number of support systems, but have found that KnowAll enables them to serve their customers more effectively than any other option. In fact, they’re so confident in their new knowledge base that they’re translating it into eight languages, and are making it the center of all their customer service efforts.

Read on to hear a firsthand account of all the ways KnowAll has enabled Banggood to better help their customers, while reducing their own workload in the process!

Introducing Banggood

Q: Can you tell us a little about Banggood, its history, and what you do for the company?

Sunny: Last year we celebrated Banggood’s 10th birthday. We are an online e-commerce retailer with over 2,000 staff, and we aim to provide best bang for your buck. We are based in China and ship internationally.

I’m responsible for the Help Center, Reddit promotion, the Banggood forum, and other forms of online promotion. I also work with our multi-language and translation efforts.

Q: Tell us about the role of customer support at Banggood – how much of a priority is it for you to succeed in this area?

Sunny: When you’re an exclusively online retailer, it’s essential to have a high level of customer support, as it’s the only personal touchpoint you have. Our customers are scattered across the globe and there are language barriers at times, but we work hard to ensure we keep our customers smiling.

We’re continually developing our support where we can, and we have big plans this year – including hiring additional personnel to enhance our support team’s capabilities.

Q: What are the most typical questions your customers ask of your support team?

Sunny: The most common things we are regularly asked about are tracking orders, canceling orders, and whether certain items are in stock.

Banggood’s Transition to KnowAll

Q: Can you share some of the ways you tried to address your customers’ needs before you made the switch to KnowAll?

Sunny: We used osCommerce, an article-based system that had some similar features to KnowAll but did not have any feedback options or a nice search system for fast answers. Most people who read one of our articles would bounce out to contact us directly.

So ultimately, the majority of the easy-to-answer questions were handled directly by our customer service staff anyway.

Q: How does a powerful knowledge base serve your customers better than your old system?

Sunny: It’s faster, customers can instantly get the help they need, and it puts less of a load on our staff. It’s also deeper, and if the articles are well-written and available in multiple languages, they can explain things better than the service staff can.

A knowledge base provides a connection – people can view related articles and not only help themselves but learn more about your company too. Also, this kind of system lets you strengthen your content based on user feedback, so next time you can help your customers even more.

Q: What initially drew you to KnowAll, and why did you decide to take it for a test drive?

Sunny: We wanted a real dedicated help platform. What we were using wasn’t doing the job; it was limited in functionality, and any changes required coding.

I was familiar with WordPress and its wide range of options, and after a little searching I found KnowAll. HeroThemes showcases the theme by using it for their own help section, and after seeing that and reading about the theme’s capabilities, it was an easy decision.

KnowAll’s Effect on the Support Workflow at Banggood

Q: What overall effect did implementing KnowAll have on your workflow, and was it immediate?

Sunny: Switching to KnowAll was a big shift, and it had a huge impact on creation and management compared to our previous system.

In addition, when replying to email queries we can now provide links to related help categories that are viewable no matter what device the customer is using.

The application of KnowAll and WPML also enabled a whole new aspect of our knowledge base: multi-language options.

Q: How does KnowAll make running a customer support website easier and more efficient?

Sunny: Focused feedback! Articles are ranked by popularity and customer feedback, so you can review and tweak the most important ones. You also get reports on the pages people exit from to seek our live chat instead, so we can tell what pages need work even without hearing directly from our customers.

Ultimately, we can use the analytics options included in KnowAll to effectively target particular sections and articles for improvement.

Q: What features of KnowAll have you found most valuable when providing answers to customer queries?

Sunny: The search function and the easy navigation. We get a lot more customer interaction with KnowAll than we did before, and we attribute this largely to the way categories and articles are organized.

The SEO benefits of KnowAll have also improved our traffic, and we are attracting more people who are looking for help through Google.

Q: In what ways has customer communication changed since you began using KnowAll as a support system?

Sunny: By directing people to look for related answers in the Help Center, we have reduced the number of questions not directly related to a specific order. We are also looking to integrate related links into our live chat system.

The end goal, once we finish our translation into eight languages, is to transform the customer flow to the knowledge base first. This should greatly reduce our incoming emails.

Q: How has KnowAll helped Banggood better serve its customers, and do you track any metrics that you could share with us?

Sunny: KnowAll has improved our service in a number of ways:

  • More self-help. Our bounce rate for the knowledge base hovers around 21% – the old system had an average rate of 43%. People are browsing more and finding the answers they need more easily.
  • Identifying key pages. We have 130 articles, and the top five see nearly half the total traffic of the entire knowledge base.
  • Multi-language acquisition. We are 35% through our translation efforts, and we have already seen our traffic internationalize.

Across the board, simple question email requests have gone down by 8%. That’s a lot when we’re dealing with thousands of emails every day. We are hoping for a 15–20% reduction in total email requests after we fully implement the multi-language help system and begin directing everyone to the knowledge base first and foremost.

Some Final Advice from Banggood

Q: Can you share some advice for new users of KnowAll, or for those considering it as an online customer support solution?

Sunny: KnowAll’s support is great, managing your knowledge base is easy, and the design of the theme is light and fast. If your business is international in scope, we’d recommend making your knowledge base multi-language to multiply its effect.

Q: If there’s one piece of advice you could give to those looking to go the extra mile for their customers, what would it be?

Sunny: Listen and continuously improve. Just like people, no organization is perfect. Ask for feedback and make changes where necessary. Operate by this principle, and your service will improve across the board.


It’s not easy being an online retailer – you face stiff competition from all the other e-commerce sites out there targeting the same customer base you are. One of the best ways to stand out in this situation is to provide fast, reliable, and excellent customer service. Banggood turned to our KnowAll knowledge base theme for assistance in this area, and it didn’t let them down.

With KnowAll, Banggood has been able to create an efficient Help Center that boasts half the bounce rate of their old system. They’ve also seen email requests decrease by 8%, and anticipate that number will rise quickly. In a nutshell, they’re now helping their customers more effectively while simultaneously reducing the load on their support team.

In closing, we’d like to thank Sunny for his time and insights, and extend our gratitude to the entire Banggood team for their support of our knowledge base solution!

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